making grow room, need help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tpsy0, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Whats up dudesss!

    Im syked the fuck out because today I ordered 10 Greenhouse Seeds The Church feminized!!!

    So, This will be my first time growing weed, ever. I attempted last season and my plants got to about 2 cm big and died because I had NO idea what I was doing, didnt do research or anything. [ but Grasscity was good for this :hello:!]

    So, I'll be growing two to three plants on this first grow

    I'll show you my space and let me know if it's big enough for three plants, or even two.

    And if anyone has any experience growing the church, i'd like to get some input from you great growers of GC!

    And also, what kind of soil should I start off with?
    or even better, give me a top 10 list of stuff i'll need for my first grow.

    Any input would be great guys, I know I dont have alot of posts and stuff and i'm not knowing on here but I look at everyone's posts and read up on everything pretty much on this site, it's a fuckin' growers dream site!....or even a potheads ! :smoke:

    Thanks dudes!!!!!!


  2. i'm growing 4 in half the space you have and am planning 3 more
  3. Looks like plenty of space.

    Here is a list of things you will need: linky
  4. Thanks dudes!

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