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Making green dragon, de-carb question...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 6T6Stang, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hello all... I am interested in making green dragon. I have 750ml of 190proof Everclear, and a quarter oz of some beasties.

    My question is about de-carbing. I understand the process needed to get the full potential of the weed (baking 20-30 minutes), but my problem is that I don't have access to an oven that I can risk smelling dank for a few hours.

    Would it be possible (and would it work) if I took, say, a coffee can, drilled a hole in the side, and inserted a soldering iron? I know the plastic top wouldn't be safe, but I could cover with a piece of wood. Then, lets say I added my greens. Would I want them to be whole, still, or already ground very finely?

    Then, I understand that I simply add to my alcohol and allow to sit for desired time.

    Thanks guys!
  2. You want to control the temp so I would advise against it.
    Too many people improvise and get turned off of edibles because they didn't follow standard recipes.

    Double wrap the weed in foil and cook something with it for the same amount of time that will add competing smells. Pizza with onions and pepperoni perhaps.

    Unwrap the weed outdoors, that's when the big aroma hits.
  3. i'm going to recommend something similar to potfiend,

    just use a double-boiler setup, that way your temp is steady around 220f and if you cover the pot where the pot is in and just shake it around a little so everything gets heated evenly, afterward just uncover the pot outside.

    Otherwise, burn something in the oven, this will mask the smell greatly and you have an excuse to air out your house or spray febreze/incense/scented candles.
  4. That sounds way too cheap i wouldnt try
  5. I mean, some people have great success vaping using similar methods. So assuming I can keep the temp lower, this could work, right?
  6. indeed, this could work. But we cant know for sure since we have no clue what temp your cofee can will be. if you are going to spend 7 g's of dank you better make sure you do it right (unless money isn't an issue and you can experiment)

    just keep in mind that lower temp for a longer temp is better than higher temp for a short time. Or use one of the methods used above, the doubleboiler thing is tried and true.

    Also, if you use one of these methods + bake a pizza, your mom won't catch you ;), surely there must be times you have the house to yourself for a few hours? Or a friend's oven you can use. There are plenty of better ways to go about this than what you plan to do :p
  7. De-carb in the oven. Double seal the dish with foil. Let it cool down completely in the oven after you are finished so everything has a chance to settle, and uncover outside.

    Make a bag of microwave popcorn after that. One, it'll cover any kind of smell you can think of, and two, it's popcorn.

  8. Don't do this. If you cook some onions (caramelize) on your stove top it will cover up many smells but I think you will find that baking buds smells stronger than ANYTHING you can make even the onions.

  9. If you're concerned with the decarb stinking up the place, you can put your weed in the coffee can you have, put the lid on it and put it in the sun for a day or two. I have done this with good results. Shake it occasionally. You want the pot to be fully dried, crispy even. If your can gets too hot, put it in the shade for a while. Better yet, put a thermometer in the can and don't let it get above 220F. It shouldn't come close, but that would make sure. Break up your buds before decarbing, but it doesn't have to be coffee-bean fine.:D
  10. I will second PsychedelicSam, I have ground weed, wrapped in a piece of paper then put it in an Altoids tin on my dash during hot weather and let it sit wile at work. Car smells great when I get back and the the weed is crispy and dry.

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