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Making Firecrackers While Mum In The Kitchen

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Weedculture, May 31, 2013.

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    Basically I have a small utility area right beside my kitchen with an oven / bathroom / fridge etc. So I decided to make firecrackers in there whilst my mother was out (my parents are the really religious strongly anti-weed or any drugs type).. Anyways my sister calls me saying that mum is coming in 5 mins.. At this point I had made the firecrackers and wrapped in foil but not cooked yet. So my mum came back but was in her room the whole time so I was like meh lets risk it, I made some firecrackers without weed (just peanut butter) incase she asked what the smell was.. And it worked!
    She was in the kitchen for about 20 minutes of the 25minutes I cooked them for @ 150C (hope I got this right) I used 0.5 of Extremely dank weed (all I had left) This will be the first time using edibles since I have developed my tolerance from smoking the same type of weed almost every day for the past month I decided why not give them a shot. 
    Right now the firecrackers are fresh out the oven and cooling in my room right now, I have heard from some people that I should leave them out after cooking for about 2-3 hours for best effects. Not sure if this is useful at all or not but my parents are out for the night so why not. Im also a little concerned about how long the effects will last from a dose of 0.5g Since my friend tells me edibles high lasts WAY longer (8 hours+) Normally I act fine when Im high and nobody can tell unless they toke themselves but I remember when I had zero tolerance I would get high as fuck and laugh at everything or get super paranoid. Since this is my first time doing edibles maybe I will get TOO high that the rents will find out :p hopefully all goes well, I will report back soon with the results! hopefully this should be the start of a new venture into edibles since smoking isnt too good for the lungs sadly
    Details of the ingredients if anyone wants to try it (if it works):
    - Used 2 slices of toast instead of crackers
    - Put on LOADS of 48% fat Kennedy Peanut butter (about 6-7 teaspoons or more)
    - used 0.5g of mango kush x Cheese hybrid (mostly sativa)
    - This bud is extremely crystally / full of kief, I grinded it very finely and it looks beautiful
    - cooked it in foil @ 150C/305F for exactly 25 mins oven was preheated (fan assisted oven)

  2. Did it work and if so what are the directions for making this?
  3. 7:02PM just finished eating the firecracker.. Will see how it goes and keep everyone posted
  4. Post back and if it works, I'll try it :)
  5. its been just over an hour now.. cant say i feel much more than a little chilled out at the moment (might not be from the weed but who knows) It might take a little longer
  6. 0.5 gram is ok for 1 firecracker. But it's not enough for a 4 oz. cube of butter. I use at least an 8th of dank for a cube. And make sure you grind that shit up into a fine powder. Kief is good too but its expensive.
  7. 2 hours 30 mins later.. Let's just say I'm baaaked right now.. In bed listening to music feeling soo good :)
  8. Nice, have a good time and don't pass out and miss all the fun!
  9. Thanks :) couple hours in still feeling stoned although admittedly I smoked a bowl not too long ago.. Parents came back home but they couldn't tell I'm high (yet) but I'm avoiding making eye contact since my eyes are suckas when it comes to being red they become beetroots by the time I am baked..

    So far so good gc.. Feeling tired tho so might nip off to sleep.. Hmm I wonder what dreaming high is like..
  10. Its pretty crazy but you might not remember it
  11. Did kitchen smell like weed at all? I want to make firecrackers in my oven but im worried it will dank up my house.
  12. sorry havent been on here in ages it does not smell like weed if u wrap them tightly in alufoil . If anything it just smells like some strange peanut buttery smell.. It smells strange but not stinky like weed

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