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making firecrackers for the first time

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by asapdavid, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. ok so I want to make some firecrackers but I have some questions
    1) how much can I make with a dime/dub/8th?
    2) is there a difference by making it in the oven as opposed to the microwave?
    3) if you make firecrackers by allowing thc to absorb the fat (aka no heat required) how long until it reaches max potency?
  2. 1) depends on how much you use per cracker.. Rule of thumb seems to be 0.5g/cracker
    2) yes, oven deliver consistent heat, microwaves overheats certain area's while others remain cold. This could result in thc vaporization while other areas didn't heat up. Also, you can't decarb using a microwave and you should decarb before making any edible. Look up how
    3) nobody did any lab research on this so nobody knows. People reported it working by 3 days, but for max potency i'd say 2-3 weeks. If you need to go the no-heat route, use oil, not pb and don't make firecrackers;

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  4. An 8th? You could probably make 6, If you use half a gram for each of them.
  5. Do not make it in the microwave, if you have to make firecrackers don't do it that way.
  6. One method that's kind of "in-between".
    You can heat up your peanut butter and/or nutella in the microwave, then when it's out, mix in your green - then let it sit over night - that works.
  7. If you have a basic concept of microwaves you know it cooks out all water and any nutritional value. It does the same thing with thc, it will cook the thc out of whatever your making.
  8. Read post
  9. I'm not even going to get into this argument about why that won't work.
  10. Well, it's not really an argument is it?
    For one - I'm not arguing with is a discussion as far as I'm aware.
    Secondly, it's a method I've personally tried. yeah I'd be interested if you could explain your theory about why you think this wouldn't work?

    A firecracker of exactly the same ingredients can be either cooked, or left to sit out, right?

    So in microwaving the internal ingredients (nutella/PB) all you're doing that for would be to raise the temperature to hot, not cooking.

    This is, as I've said - without putting your weed into it.

    Then after that, when the products are heated up, THEN add your green.
    The level of heat here would likely be comparable to what it would raise to in the oven, though it would not stay hot for as long

    So, instead of simply leaving a pre-made firecracker to "sit out" without cooking (another method that works) for a couple of days, this speeds the absorption process up (as cooking would) by adding some heat to the equation.
    This works both with microwave and bain-marie style heating of your other internal ingredients, and I have left them overnight to get great results the next day.

    For an even more potent method, I mix in a little coconut oil when I heat things up.

    Anyways, if you want to tell people it won't work - that's ok you have as much right to tell them it won't work as I have to tell them it does.
    Only in trying it, will they know which opinion they agree with.
  11. You would be much better off not cooking any of it and let it sit for a few days. Works perfectly if you aren't able to cook it in an oven.
  12. I agree there, I've made sit-outs and after 4 days, holy fuck they were strong.
  13. There is no argument he's right you're wrong lol.

    read up.

  14. No, it really wont work. People who say microwaving edibles works have no clue how a microwave works, and leaving things out takes way over a day to work. If I remember correctly there was a whole thread of people arguing about it a few months ago, which is why I said I'm not getting into this.
  15. ...You might have a point about microwaving edibles, I can't speak from experience there.
    However, I haven't been talking about microwaving edibles.
    Just microwaving elements in your preparation to decrease the time involved in the sit-out method.
    As I started off by saying, it would be a good "in between".
    nb: No weed goes in the microwave.

  16. I'm guessing it may work but not nearly as well as just leaving it out. The microwave would evaporate most of the oil in the peanut butter or whatever it is and the oil is what absorbs the THC. I bet the microwaving method would work if you don't care about wasting a lot of weed.

  17. I get ya.
    Though oil evaporation etc is kind've like a much greater level of heat than I was talking about. Simply enough to get the ingredients to heat up, not cook.
    Like with a bain-marie style heating, stuff will just get hot.
    I mean sure, you might have a VERY small amount of the oils go but I think the difference would be pretty insignificant.
    All I can say is, I've done this - and sat 'em overnight, and by God they could drop any given smoker.

    It's just a quick method does work better than a one night sit-out which is next to nothing IMO.
    So I guess the best scenerio for use of this method is when you can't cook them for some reason, don't have an oven, and don't want to wait multiple days for an effective sit-out firecracker.
  18. #18 Jezn, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2012
    I don't think the oil would evaporate. Microwaves only heat stuff to about 220f (boiling point of water) and i doubt this will evap any oil.

    Microwaving can work somewhat, but it heats up certain areas way more than others, causing (possible) evaporation of thc, while other parts remain 'untouched' by the heat.

    The main reasons nobody uses microwaves for edibles is inconsistent temps (your medium setting, or 680watt setting could be way different than mine) + uneven heating(= possible thc evaporation) + you cant make decent brownies and stuff in there + it heats stuff very quickly while gentle heat over a longer period of time is best for edibles. There are a load of reasons to use your oven instead of microwave, it might work somewhat, but you'll be wasting herb. (and its near impossible for a decent decarb to happen)
  19. if I let the nutella firecrackers sit out for a few days do I wrap it in tin foil or leave as is?

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