Making fertiliser from Aloe-Vera & Sunflower heads? Good/ bad Idea?

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    Hey Everyone.

    Today I decided to make plant tea by taking some Aloe Vera and chopping it up nice and small, and also some sunflower heads with the seeds (no petals. Everything chopped). I dumped it all into a bucket with ground water and I expect it will turn into a magic brew in 7 days time.

    My question is, whether anyone here could take an educated guess and tell me what kind of qualities I might be able to expect from this brew? (NPK rating)
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  2. What? Man you use earthworm castings,kelp, alfalfa, compost for teas. Aloe is used primarily for cloning cuttings. Ive never heard anyone using aloe in an organic tea. I may be wrong tho!

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    You know, I think of tea being more a compost that has aged where it's getting crumbly brown or close to it. Putting pure raw aloe and sunflower heads in wouldn't give your plants the boost you are looking for I feel.

    Tea is optimal when it's getting a real good variety of aged veggies, straw, leaves, and all the other great foods and plants that safe for composting. And I say aged because after composting for a while, you will see it all break down to a lovely soft soil. And you keep throwing food on top and it keeps breaking down. Pretty soon you have a foot of broken down food that looks like pure soil. That is literally condensed goodness.

    It takes a little time to get it where you can make a nice tea but do it anyway because it's worth it. Not just to make a tea for cannabis but to boost any plants around your place that look like they can use a good shot of vitamins. My plants LOVE a good tea and it helps them be less stressed as I live pretty high in the mountains. I do it about twice a growing season. A neighbor who composts would most likely let you have a few half buckets of their compost and you don't already have any.

    I finally got some chickens a few years ago for the eggs and poop, which makes a great addition to a compost heap. And the chickens constantly turn it over so I don't have to so much.

    Pretty magical stuff.
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    CountryToker, Weedhaps, Taoist Farmer, thanks for the replies.

    Yep, as Taoist Farmer said I'm making Something like a fermented plant extract. But not quite the same as what is described in the link.

    It's way easier to make, you take the necessary plant, fill half a bucket with the plant and add water to the brim, cover it, leave it for a week so it ferments, aerate it. done, fertiliser.

    I recommend it, it's legit, it works, I've tried it with stinging nettle (to make almost pure nitrogen nutes)
    It's basically a tea, because it's water plus herbs. Tea.

    I do use compost and there are worms. But there are also a lot of plants and weeds just growing everywhere and by using the "water in a bucket" method, you can get REALLY good fertiliser basically for free.

    Stinging nettle is a good nitrogen fertiliser.
    And Common Comfrey plant (I haven't tried it yet, but I trust that it will work well) will break down into Phosphorous and potassium nutes.

    According to a youtube video that I saw recently, you can mix the two together to get a balanced fertiliser. And I am certain that it is legit info because you can easily do an internet search for Stinging nettle & Comfrey fertiliser and there are a lot of websites detailing it.

    But here, as you can see in the pics bellow I've used sunflower heads with the seeds + Aloe Vera. (no info anywhere. Just some vids with people using Aloe Vera tea)

    I guess I will just have to pour some of it (when it's ready) on an unsuspecting random plant in the garden and hope for the best. (I think a tomato plant will be a good test subject.)

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  5. Awesome to learn about this! Thank you and I'm so trying this. And stinging nettles and comfrey are some of the best things for our own health. I make salves using comfrey and nettles and drink the teas as well.
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  6. Fertilizer is a scam. You're wasting time, just grow your shit in fox farm.

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  7. Umm...dont you have multiple threads going asjing for advise on how to use fertelizers? What do you think your soils coming ammended with? Please keep misinformed comments to your own threads

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  8. Im late and dont have abunch of time for reading. But whats this about using aloe vera plants on cannabis? I grow a ton of aloe veras for my grandfather to put on his wounds and shit due to prostate cancer. Helps prevent itching and irratation pretty good from swelling alot. So i got some i could put to the test

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  9. [​IMG]
    Aloe Vera needs to be crushed to get the good juice out tho its small in nutes makes for a great plant a plus... minor Ca and Hormone stuff in the mix due to the crushed sunflowers
    almost a total waste but enough to prod you into repeat posting or perhaps reading a book on the subject

    IMO: add a tsp of honey...some leftover seaweed... a quart of compost/worms poop
    and a ton of maybe right in 7 days but....

    more work on your part will get the rewards you seek

    good luck
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  10. Are you a foxfarm bot?
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  11. I found a pdf document about Moringa and Aloe Vera extract experiments. It's 16 pages long with small print.
    Looks useful. The gist is that moringa has a better effect in boosting plant vegetative growth than Aloe, but aloe vera is helpful too.
    And this link talks about using Moringa.
    Using Moringa as fertilizer | The Survival Gardener


    Right now it smells like vomit and the PH is 4... Not to worry though, maybe something will change in a weeks time. If things start looking ugly I will just add dirt and weeds. (or something).
    (the quora link bellow also suggest using seaweed and molasses.

    It's tricky man. Aloe Vera is a funny plant. On the one hand, it has some pretty good uses if you know what you're doing. You can drink it too, but in very small amounts before breakfast.

    It's been mentioned that it acts as a surfacant, but I have a feeling that there is more to it than just that.
    On one page, they say that it has vitamin b12. (which is interesting because my own experience on trying to find sources of vitamin b12 mostly lead me to sources saying that it (b12) comes from animal products and mushrooms, oh and also yeast extract.. Which is cool, I don't mind yeast... Actually now that I think about it, I think I will go and have some yeast. (.... Now I'm just wondering if I am going to become yeasty?)

    On the following page, somebody talks about "beneficial polysaccharides and phytochemicals".

    Hopefully this information hasn't been totally useless.

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