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Making Edibles

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BluntLord, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Okay I have around 5 ounces of UK Cheese so I have a lot to spare I was wondering what's the easiest Edible to make and which causes the least smell as I live with my parents and they do not like the smell however they accept me smoking it. I also have a aga for cooking not a normal oven so how do I make them? And what's the easiest. Also how much should I put in for my first time doing them?
  2. Check out incredible, edible herb and look at firecracker recipes. That will be your best shot.
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  3. What he said.
    Completely honest - If you open the windows or leave the door open, it won't smell long. I prefer making oil on dat stove top then just make brownies how you normally would, except with dank oil. Just judge your weed dose to how many brownies or whatever you wanna cut (eg use a half oz if you want 14 gram strength brownies). I am sort of high so sorry if this doesn't make sense
  4. It really doesn't smell all too much. Grind then decarb the bud in the oven wrapped in foil, then you bring your fat of choice to heat, mix and combine the decarbed weed, strain, then cool down and store.
  5. Yes, make sure that you decarb your herb! or your weed (but not you!) will be wasted.

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