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Making Edibles With Stems and AVP

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TheGingernational, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. I've collected a good size jar of stems and after-vape pot (AVP) and I want to use it to make edibles.

    My brother has used this type of mix with some fresh herb to make firecrackers but he's always baked them directly into the crackers. Is there a good way to convert what I have into canna butter and use that in a recipe. I've never made edibles before so if any experts want to offer some guidance that would be appreciated.

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  2. Cook it into coconut oil (plus any other oil you like) then strain it through cheese cloth
    You can add the oil to whatever you want. Truffles are easy. I think you just take a spoon of oil and add three equal spoons of cocoa and mix it up. Then a splash of milk, small splash of vanilla and 5-6 spoons of icing sugar then mix it good. Put it in the freezer for a few minutes then you can either just eat it for roll it into a ball and put some kind of topping on it

    - .35 grams dry/ground bud (Coffee grinder)
    - Organic coconut oil (Enough to cover bud)
    - Soy lecithin (1:2 ratio to oil)
    - Oven safe glass dish
    - Aluminum foil
    - Separate pan
    - Large spoon
    - Freezer-safe container
    - Strainer

    - Preheat oven to 220 f
    - Place bud in glass dish
    - Double seal glass dish with aluminum foil
    - Decarb bud in oven for 20 minutes
    - Turn oven off and let glass dish cool in slightly open oven for 10 minutes
    - Preheat oven to 220 f
    - Heat coconut oil in separate pan on stove
    - Add soy lecithin and then heated coconut oil to glass dish and blend well
    - Double seal glass dish with aluminum foil
    - Place glass dish in oven for 45 minutes at 220 f
    - Keep oven on and let glass dish cool outside oven for 10 minutes
    - Mash and stir oil with spoon
    Heat Again
    - Double seal glass dish with aluminum foil
    - Place glass dish in oven for 45 minutes at 220 f
    - Turn oven off and let glass dish cool inside oven until cool
    - Pour oil into freezer-safe container
    - Freeze container for 2 hours
    - Preheat oven to 220 f
    - Remove container from freezer, allow to thaw to room temp
    - Put oil back in glass dish
    - Place glass dish in oven until liquified at 220 f
    - Strain

    ^from badkittysmiles
    The lecithin, extra heating and freezing aren't totally necessary, they just ensure that it's as potent as possible. The decarb however is important for the stems. Not so much the avb
    Good luck!
  3. Use high grade bud not stems and avp. That wont get a fly buzzed. Unless you are a total lightweight. If you are, then I am jealous. I have had edibles from stems and AVP and it is not strong at all.
  4. They are right. Don't use stems or "AVP". If you want any decent oil or butter use badkittysmiles recipe and then some good buds/popcorn buds/trim. The better quality beginning product the better the finished product will be.
    Stems and AVP won't have enough of anything left to make a decent product so you will just be wasting time and money and only be disappointed in the end.
  5. I should clarify: I'm going to use stems, avp, AND fresh bud. My brother has made firecrackers with these ingredients before and they've always been really potent.

    Mainly, it is usually more of a body high since the AVP has the THC already extracted from it leaving only the body-potent CBD.

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  6. The problem with AVB or P, and stems is that when you make it is not really potent at all. At most you get a bit of a body high, and that is pretty much it, or you have to eat a lot of it and possible get sick from the amount of fat/oil you're eating.
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    I make AVP (I call it ABV ;)) edibles frequently. BadKittySmiles recipe (the sticky thread up top) has the best recipes, though for ABV, I skip the decarb step.
    They absolutely 100% can be potent as heck. :) If yours are coming out too weak, then simply up the dosage. I personally shoot for about 1 gram ABV per brownie or cookie, which I would consider a reasonable dose for an experienced user with a high tolerance.
    However, it is a different effect than fresh green buds. So, I wouldn't describe ABV edibles as a "weaker than green bud edibles" but rather a "different effect." I personally find ABV edibles are excellent for insomnia and nausea; not so much for parties or concerts.
  8. I always use stems and ABV to make edibles, I'm too broke to go putting in good bud, so I save up stems.  You have to save up a decent amount for it to be any kind of potent.  I have tried to use small batches of stems and gotten barely a thing, so you really do need to save up a decent amount of both.
  9. Take your vaped weed, put it in a bottle of olive oil for 2 weeks. Store it in a cool dry place. Vaped weed is ready to go, it's already been cooked. So over the next two weeks it will leach out into the oil naturally. At the end of the two weeks you can strain it, or just leave it in the oil. Your choice. I find leaving it in is negligible to the taste and seems like it's a bigger high.
    As far as strength goes with vaped weed and converting to oil, it matters on how much you vape your weed and how much you put in the oil. If you think it's too weak, you should've used more weed or less oil. It's not the vaped weed's fault.

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