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Making e-cig THC juice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Braves4590, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Lol, I'm fairly certain you can't use an e-cig even for nicotine on an airplane.

  2. I'm surprised they haven't by now. They have damn near everything already...

  3. I know it'll happen someday and we'll all be kicking ourselves thinking it could have been us lol
  4. I'm not sure how this may turn out but here would be a few of my concerns before starting.

    1. Do you really need 8g's? I'd start with a gram or so. That way you won't be wasting any. Just reduce the amt of PG.
    2. Boiling PG - it's an alcohol, and boiling alcohol can be dangerous. Not sure about PG.

    Ayways, good luck and godspeed - my friend uses one of these e-cigs and we've talked about putting weed in there so many times.
  5. You should be safe boiling PG, you don't have to raise the temp high, and you'd be fine doing it at a low temperature.
  6. If this works, mass produce the shit out of it. Or visit your local dispensary.

    Either way, you're working on a business here, if you want it to be.
  7. This company made one:

    Vapor Rush -Personal Vaporizer

    You can order THC cartridges if you are a card holder in California.

    Other compnaies are working on producing them as well. As far as the smell, you will notice a weed smell when you vape the thc juice. That signature smell is transferred to the propelyne glycol and released when vaped, but not any where near like the smell your table top vaporizer makes.

    they also have spice cartridges which use that synthetic canabinoid.

  8. sounds sketch

  9. You can add some peppermint oil to your tincture and it will pretty much mask the smell.
  10. Someone in Cali needs to buy one and let us know. I was trying to talk my boss into letting me go to Cali, buy one and smuggle it back for market research, but it's not a market they want to get into.
  11. i was just thinking about this the other day

  12. sure you can.

  13. Really? They don't care about smoke on an airplane?

  14. Well, it's legal. That's not to say there won't be problems... I read on another forum that somebody tried to use their e-cig on an airplane (in his seat) and the stewardess asked him to stop just because the other passengers didn't know what it was. So he could have kept on using it if he wanted to since it's perfectly legal (it's vapor, not smoke), but he didn't want to upset the other passengers.

    So if you're in a non-smoking restaurant and started puffing on your e-cig.. technically you're within your rights but you will probably cause a scene since most people don't know the difference between vapor and smoke.

    It's one of those things where it's perfectly legal, but it doesn't mean it's accepted yet.

  15. good point

  16. like the other poster said, its perfectly legal to use it on a plane but people might get a little uptight. if they do you can always stealth smoke it. the vapor does not have a smell at all.
  17. There is no data to support that. ANY smoke is bad for your lungs.

    Just use a vape though as has been noted. No need going to all the trouble just to use an e-cig when you can just load up a vape with herb or hash oil.

  18. anyone who has flown Ryan Air knows how annoying they are, always selling bullshit on their little connector flights. well, they sell e-cigs amongst many of their shit and they don't mind them being smoked their

    i have heard this doesn't work OP, but i'd like to hear

  19. Why do you want tar period? Not judging or anything, I'm just askin...

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