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Making e-cig THC juice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Braves4590, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. I know there are tons of threads on this, but none really give me the info i'm looking for. The only people who seem to have succeeded are those who can afford to waste a QP in their experiments. I do have a plan though..

    E-juice is basically nicotine and propylene glycol. So all I want to do is trade out the nicotine for THC. Would either of these plans work?

    1. Boil bud/kief together with PG to form a tincture. Use a dropper to fill cartridges.

    2. Boil hash oil together with PG.

    I'm looking to do this with probably around 7 grams.

    Thanks for any help! Please don't link to the other threads because trust me, i've read them all :bongin:
  2. Why not just smoke weed?
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    Because you get no tar

    It's basically like vaporizing in a convenient cigarette.

    And as far as I know this should work, propylene glycol is an alcohol (I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong) and as you know THC is alcohol-soluble. You shouldn't even need to boil it this way. Unless the propylene glycol doesn't activate the THC, then yes you need to boil it.

    Do E-Cigs burn the contents or heat it up at all?
  4. As Scarface would say:

    "Just smoke it bro!"

    Follow his advice homie. :D

  5. Some people are more health-conscious.

    To the OP, instead of taking the hassle of all of the steps and crap you should invest in a Magic Flight Launch Box. They're pretty portable and really nice.

    Probably the best vape in my experience besides the Volcano.
  6. Why are people all concerned about getting tar in their lungs? Just wondering because, in my understanding no one has contracted a smoke related disease from smoking weed. I can understand how one would buy a bong to cool/filter the smoke a little bit, but why would one go out of their way to make a mini-vape?

    People make things too complicated on themselves :)

  7. Not really..
    Tar is bad for you regardless, and while MJ smoke may not cause cancer, it's certainly still not healthy.
    Bronchitis is a main issue with long-term smoke use.

  8. Yeah that was my theory. I thought i'd need to boil it to release the THC but as you pointed out it is alcohol soluble. So just the PG + bud would work? I wouldn't need anything else?

    And for those asking why i'd want to do this... there are many reasons.

    1. Portability. It's the size of a cigarette, only looks more sleek. [​IMG]

    2. No smell

    3. It's healthier. You're vaporizing, not smoking. Because of this, you also get a more clear headed vape-esque high rather than the lazy headache high from smoking all the tar.

    3. No need to light it... all you have to do is inhale

    4. If a cop searches you and finds it, he can't do shit. Just say it's an e-cig. He won't know whether or not the murky liquid is actually THC+PG rather than nicotine+PG. Like I said, there's no smell. In fact, you can use it while talking to a cop.

    5. It comes with a case shaped like a cig pack that charges it on the go, and holds extra batteries and atomizers. [​IMG]

    Honestly, to me, it's hands down the most perfect toking tool I can think of. All the pros, and none of the cons.
  9. So it does heat up?
    If so, it seems possible that it only heats up enough to release the Nicotine.

    It has to heat up to 365'F to actually vaporize the THC. If it does not, you may need to activate the THC into the Propylene Glycol by boiling it.

  10. I believe nicotine has a higher boiling point than THC... I think around 400'F.
  11. You're right, it's 477'F.
    Good to go then

  12. Nice! I hope i'm not missing any steps. My plan is to just throw 8 grams of bud in a pot with PG and let it boil overnight, then strain it out with a cheese cloth.
  13. im interested to see how this is going to go.

    good luck. i might have to try it if it works. or just get a MFLB.
  14. OP, have you considered letting it sit for a while?

    I know that you are planning on boiling it, but that may not provide the heat needed to extract the THC efficiently. Have you checked out the boiling point for PG?

    All that I am saying is that with similar experiments like with firecrackers, the best results were acheived by using a combination of baking (or boiling in your case) the mixture, and letting it sit out for a few days to fully cure the mixture.

    Honestly I dont know what would be better, but its just one other thing to think about.
  15. Thanks for the support! This probably won't be happening for awhile though since I'm currently broke and I need to save up for the e-cig and the weed :(

    As for the MFLB... it's not really comparable. E-cigs are inconspicuous. If you whip out a launch box in a public place people are gonna be asking what it is, and there's not much you can say. Whereas if you're smoking your e-cig, you can just say it's an e-cig.. most people have heard of them. Plus you can just carry around a few extra THC juice cartridges rather than carry around your weed.

    Yeah that's a good idea. It would probably make the mixture stronger.

  16. Yeah I saw that one, the half lb thing scared me.. it's a big deal for me to pick up an oz hahah
  17. That guy probably knows the grower directly.
    Just substitute lower amounts.
  18. For those of you who are wondering why you would want to do this, it's simple - you can use an E-Cigarette practically ANYWHERE - it's not considered smoking! SO you wanna get medicated ON A PLANE? You can do it with an E-Cig. Not that I would (maybe, I've thought about an iolite on a plane myself). You could certainly do it on the street, no one would bother you.
  19. If anyone made the thc cartrages for these e-cigs and sold them at coffee shops/ MMJ cafes, they will be instant millionaires.

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