Making dry ice hash/kief

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  1. Do you need to decarb your trim before making dry ice hash/kief?
  2. Nope, just break apart any large pieces, and drop them into the bucket with your dry ice!
  3. Thanks
  4. Damn, was hoping someone was doing a tutorial!

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  5. Il do one right now
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    I only have before and after photos, but...
    Before.jpg After.jpg
    This is from a run that I did a month or so ago.

    Materials needed:
    -Bubble bags: I chose to use 73 micron then 160 micron to maximize quantity but still maintain quality.
    -5 gal. bucket
    -A few pounds of dry ice
    -Cannabis material
    -Oven mitts
    -Large surface to shake your bubble bag over or a second 5 gal. bucket
    -Credit card/some sort of scraper
    -A hammer
    -A nail

    I used less than four ounces of weed with -I think- three pounds of dry ice. It doesn't matter too much, as long as most of your material is able to be in contact with your dry ice. You want to maximize contact with the dry ice.

    1) Break apart your material so it's not in bug chunks.
    2) Pour a layer of material across the bottom of bucket 1.
    3) Using your oven mitts, stick the nail into your blocks of dry ice and hit it to break the dry ice into fist-sized chunks.
    4) Drop said chunks into bucket 1.
    5) Cover dry ice in remaining material.
    6) Slip your preferred micron size bag over the top of the bucket, right-side out.
    7) Shake like hell for several minutes (think I did five).

    In the next step, you'll shake out your material through your bag. If you shake too much, you'll see green plant matter come through the bubble bag. The dry ice freezes the plant matter so it breaks apart enough to come through low micron bags. Don't shake this much.

    8) If you have a flat surface, turn bucket 1 upside-down over your flat surface and shake for a minute or so, until you can see some green coming through the screen, in addition to the golden brown. If you're using a second 5 gal. bucket, take the bag off of bucket 1, stick it inside of bucket 2, pour your material inside of it, and shake for a minute. Be careful to shake gently enough for material not to float out of your bucket.
    9) Use your credit card/scraper to consolidate your kief.
    10) Store your kief in a glass jar (don't store in a plastic container -I've heard that it can impart the plastic scent/flavor into your kief) or press it in a pollen press to turn it into hash.
    11) (optional, but recommended) Do a second (and third?) run with larger sized bags. It is recommended to not go above a 160 micron. If you're looking to do three runs, use a 73, 120, and a 160.
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  7. Nice!

    I must've been typing when you posted.
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  9. Do you cure your trim?
  10. Nope. I just let it dry in a bucket over night. Then into the freezer for 24 hours.

    Heres my end result

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