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Making dense nugs

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Adam Cheeb, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. I don't know if it's my trimming/manicuring method, my drying method or what but my buds are always pretty fluffy. The exception has been when I've done a large quantity and dry it in a large paper bag. Then it seems like the weight of the buds themselves cause them to become dense. When I trim I cut all the fan leaves off and trim the tips off the sugar/bract leaves. I used to dry in small paper lunch bags but lately I've been using a screen to place them on for a quicker (4 day) dry. I trim the buds down to a pretty small size as well, nothing much bigger than a quarter. In one effort to make the buds a little more dense I took a bud that had dried for 2-3 days in a bag and kinda rolled them around in the palms of my hand to compact them a bit. But #1, you lose some trichomes that way, #2 it's messy. It did work though. Any recommendations?
  2. i cant remember where i seen it. but i seen a guy put his nug in one of those ziploc type foodsaver(NOT THE FOODSAVER). the vaccuum he used was handheld and didnt take 100% of the air out. i dont remember exact times. but it cant be too long of a time because of the plastic bags being used.

    hope this gives you another idea

    again i have never done this but dont see a huge flaw in it.

    anyone else?:smoking:
  3. Put your buds in glass jars. Open the lid and let your pot breathe for about 30 minutes about 4-8 times a day. It helps to let the moisture evenly desipate. If your buds dry too fast you can chop a small piece of celery and throw it in the jar to help keep moisture in (if you're in dry areas).
  4. Neither one of you have answered his question lol His main question was how do i get my buds denser? Well to get dense buds you either need:
    a) A better strain
    b) More light
    C) Bigger grow medium

    Get a strain like AK-47 under some serious HPS watts, and you will have big rock hard buds. As for the drying, just find a dark, decently warm and breezy area in your house and run a line some what like a clothes line, and then just hand your buds from it for about a week or two. Then get some glass mason jars and pop the buds in opening it up a few times a day to let the air circulate. Do this for a week or two and you should have some nicely cured buds.
  5. Thanks Weedman. It's a great strain (PPP), I grew outdoors so I had plenty of light and soil! It's not that they are that thin wispy variety, just a little fluffy on the outside. Rather than hang up whole colas I, as mentioned, cut them all down to something just smaller than a golf ball (wet weight) so they dry faster. Should I hang up one of those colas for a week or two and then cut them down to size? Does that make nicer nugs? I'm usually just down for a relatively quick dry (4-5 days?) so I go for the smaller chunks. I cut the last four colas today and have them hanging up on strings in a cardboard beer box. I'm a little paranoid about mold since it can be kinda damp where I love. That's another reason I'm usually looking for a quicker dry time than two weeks. It would be helpful (and fun) for me to put up some pics. Can't get to it right now, maybe tomorrow. Thanks again. AC
  6. dosn't it have to do with the color of the light
  7. I have pretty much the same question. I have nice looking, heavy buds but they're still sort of squishy, not wet, just soft. When I buy nug its harder, not really any give to the individual buds. How can I get mine hard like this? Thanks for the help .
  8. Outdoor bud is almost always fluffy, unless your an experienced grower or have an amazing strain or live in a country with a very hot climate. The dense rock hard buds you talk about are usually hydro, or soil grown indoor under very high watts of either HPS or MH, also grown by very very experienced growers. They use the best nutrients, soil, mediums, etc.
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  9. Also, more sativa-leaning strains (like PPP) will tend to be more fluffy than their indica counterparts.
  10. I just started drying and i took some bud and put it in the oven at 145 degrees. for like 20-25 minutes. Then they were warm so I kind of rolled them in my fingers and it really makes the nugs nice. I would try this. Its dank though.
  11. please do not do that lol you can break down the THC. Just dry it normally and it will come out dense if you grew it properly. you cant have poop weed and dry it into some amazing dank people lol use your heads.
  12. in the mason jars you can always put a cap full of dry rice to grab moisture out... that helps too
  13. Get quality genetics and quality ferts and learn how to use them with the strain you are growing. That's the only way to get dense ngs: grow dense nugs!
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    the answer is in strain genetics.
    this grow i saw in hawaii was outdoor
    super silver haze, and while they were
    still kind of fluffy looking, they were
    rock hard. i believe you're trying to
    grow an incompatible strain (for yer
    edit: or, maybe you should try some trick budding techniques?
    last two days before harvest, put them in the dark, and a day before, stick a nail through the bottom
    stock of it. itll scare the plant into getting quite resinous
  15. Buy some advance nutrients and you'll have some nice buds with weight. If your growing buy a new HPS light

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