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Discussion in 'General' started by t0ker33fa, May 21, 2010.

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  1. yeah im making some sigs, if you want me to make one for you just say so and stuff haha like what you want and i can try to make it.

    some of my creations (not sigs):

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  2. i would looooooooove a sig!!!

    Bushwookie on one of those backgrounds would be fine, maybe some cool font effect?

    i like the 2nd and 4th one best :]
  3. You could make one for me if you'd like.
    Maybe an alien chillin in a trippy ass scene, rippin a bong? Lmao.
  4. alright wookie ill get one it, any specific colors you want? and im guessing youll want a pot leaf or two haha.:smoke:

  5. haha ill try to get a bong, but i can most likely get you a alien.
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    Def. man!!!! lemme show you my pic i took of my ride, i really like it, if you could put your style into it im sure it would be SICK.

    as far as colors go, it's all up to you. Def would like some cannaleaves incorporated too =]

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  7. here you go bushwookie home you like it, i was going to use the other background you wanted but when i resized it everything got cluttered and looked like a disaster haha. but if you want any changes i would be more then willing to make em.

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  8. nice ride man, yeah i can try to tweak it in shop, and nice dry ice effect.;)

  9. :hello:Thanks for the sig brotherman!!! +rep!!! :hello:

    Dry ice can be pretty fun!!!!! take your time i am in no hurry :smoke:
  10. np, i dont have anything to do right now haha.. that being said lol you car pics almost done, then imma do kush's alien sig thing.
  11. Please restart this thread in it's proper forum (Artists Corner) and also, FYI? Your signature is in violation of the guidelines. Cannot have both text (link) and a picture. ;)
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