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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mikey2k6, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I was thinking about making some cookies or a cake (what ever) using MARIJUANA
    and i was wondering do the leaves have to be coverd in thc get a high,As i have
    never done one before.Thanks !!....
  2. dont think the leaves HAVE to be covered. if they are I'd smoke em.
  3. all leaves have some thc in them.
    through out my pruning process i have been making butter out of mine... and been repeating the process making it stronger each time. but if you have never made cookies out of pot before let me tell you: 1. you have to make butter or oil out of the pot/or leaves... dont just put the pot into the batter, and 2. STRAIN THE BUTTER... it is nasty, Dont be lazy it makes the cookies chewy and shit gets stuck in your teeth... not pleasent to eat... and getting high should always be pleasent.
    also another suggestion is to make brownies... just find the mix that calls for the most oil and substitute with pot oil or butter...

    just in case you have not mabe butter before here is my recipe... if useing fresh leaves, melt butter say (one pound) and add the finely cut up leaves... i dont use stems. (about 6 cups of leaves or more). simmer on low untill the leaves wilt and turn a dark green. about 20 min. then strain through cheese cloth to get every drop out. i use the same butter and repeat to make it stronger everytime i trim.

    if you are making butter out of dried buds i use about an 1/8 per pound of butter, you can figure it out if you want to make more or less, but i do the same thing (melt the butter them add the chopped up buds and simmer for about 20 min, then strain.) follow the cookie/brownie recipe and you are all set.

    remember the high takes longer to kick in and lasts almost 3x longer or so, so be careful or you will wake up still fucked up. And as a suggestion even though they taste so good, eat something else when you get the munchies... especially if you have to work in the morning.

    Good luck :hello:

    p.s. once you get your butter really strong you can do anything with it... i am a fan of pot garlic bread... or useing it to make mac and cheese. hahaha
  4. Thanks guys for the advice,i will have a go in doing some when my plants are ready for the chop.Just wished i could offer ya'll a cookie or two :D

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