Making concentrate out of trims and popcorn buds

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  1. It's near my first harvest and I still don't have a plan on what to do with the stuff that aren't buds. I have a Pax 3 vaporizer which I would like to use the concentrate lid on. Is it possible to make such liquid out of trims and popcorn buds? What is the most efficient way of doing it? I'm willing to invest on tools but I don't have an outside place to perform the task. I've read that some extracting methods should be done outside.
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  2. I think your best bet would be a rosin press. You avoid dealing with solvents and trying to purge your extracts. Rosin is clean. The presses come in all different price ranges. Bubble hash is another clean method of extraction. Good luck. Let us know what you decide to do.

    As an aside, I used to blast, but without a vacuum chamber I could never produce a nice to smoke concentrate.
    Congratulations on your harvest. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks!

    The Rosin press seems to be a lot of work and I would like to avoid any method that involves dealing with solvents so I'm considering to buy either a Bubbleator or a Pollinator. From what I've understood so far they are both good ways to get clean hash but the Pollinator is just a bit easier to work with but costs much more. Perhaps I start with a Bubbleator and then get a Pollinator in the future. But I have not found any material on how to go from hash to any kind of cannabis oil. All I could find involves using solvents or CBD crystals which doesn't look quite like the hash a Bubbleator/Pollinator produce.
    Also, what I don't quite understand is what is used in the concentrate lids of vaporizers. Does it need to be some special kind of oil made for vaporizers or do I use the hash produced from the Bubbleator/Pollinator?
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  4. You're welcome! With your Bubbleator/pollinator you've gone into something I know nothing about. You may want to check out BrassNwood who makes dry ice keif with a shaker he invented.
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  5. I think I will try mixing the bubble hash with hemp oil so that I can use it orally from my entire CBD plant. I will water cure the buds first before putting them in the Bubbleator.
    I will also create hash with the Bubbleator from my THC plant's trims and popcorn buds and use the hash in a pipe or in joints. What I wonder is if the hash can be used directly in my PAX vaporizer's concentrate insert.
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