Making computer Fans work?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ctcoyote16, May 8, 2006.

  1. How does one make the computer fans such as 80mm and 120 mm work in/on a growbox? The ends of them are meant to plug into computer motherboards, and I know you guys arent running them from a computer... So, How would I make it work as in me being able to give it power without a computer? Thank you very much. P.S., I plan on mounting some in here: [​IMG] (The middle shelf will be removed, and the load on top will be lightened) On both sides, intake and exhaust. Thanks again Matt
  2. Take a cell phone charger or any 12v charger cut the thing that hooks to the phone off so it has a small part with bare wire. do that same with the pc fan, hook them together and put electrical tape on the ends..:)
  3. ...OHHHH ur takin the middle shelf out nvm dude u have plenty of room my bad, why computer fans? go to wal-mart and get a fan for 10 bux or are u trying to mount the fan, if ur trying to mount it i guess do what BAGZ says, otherwise just go buy a fan dude, gl on ur grow

  4. Thanks bagz, I will try that right now.

    I thougt they were only like 4v not 12. Oh well
  5. ok ok ok noooooow i see why u have to use comp fans :D , i cant help u with that but i can help u with anything else u need just ask
  6. I just wanna double check that this is fine and wont expolde or anything before I do it....
  7. and dude fans arnt nessicarily (sp?) ummm well nessicary(sp?)only if its gettin real hot if ur movin them outside the wind will make ur stems strong and im guessing ur not gonna put a 400 w HPS in there :p so i dont think u really even need a fan, what im going to do with mine to make the stem strong in the begingin is blow on it and bend it slightly once a day, oh and play music for ur plants the vibrations strengthen the stem as well. gl hope this helps

  8. i have those in my kitchen bro they arnt bright enough i mean the casing is cool but im pretty sure u would have to by different bulbs, which could be pricey, my lights only costed 11.99 for both of them but i dont know how u would mount my lights on ur setup, unless u could drill holes but i dont think ur parents would appreciate that :p but if u can afford the bulbs then that casing is great
  9. Either way, I have to somehow mount whatever lights I put in there. So, I figured the tube flourescents would be most logical, since they could run the length of the top, and take up next to no space.
  10. Hmm, Technically, I have some small desk lamps. Cant I put two on either side, and remove the "fan" convering at the top, so its a bare bulb? I can rotate the plants to create a "spiral" affect, and they would also produce more nodes If I am correct.

  11. ya they will work u probably need to get 2 mounted up there with bulbs that give out at least 1000 lumens a peice then u should be cool
  12. Alright, thanks. Tomorrow I will be off to Home depot, and will pick everything up;

    - a pack of those CFL's

    - Perlite

    Also, on saturday, a fellow pb player is letting me give him money, and hes ordering some seeds, Im getting these:

    ( White widow crossed with cali orange ;) )

    until then, i have my seed germinating, and hope to pick up some bagseed pver the week.
  13. GL my friend and my the marijuana gods be with you :p

  14. Nice strain. Also about the fans ..some people say you need them for air circulation so its not the same air constantly and some say you dont need them.So its all up to you if you dont think you need them dont use them . Good luck and have fun.
  15. The home depots around me have some plant grow tubes,just look where the light bulbs are sold,cant miss it,it will have a pic of some leaves on it i think?

    Way better than regular tubes that go with shop lights.....good luck...
  16. what should I look for in these "grow tubes"? as in wattages, power, etc?

    Also, how much are they so I know how much to bring with me. Im going to home depot at 4:30 to get everything to get started :D
  17. Looks like you don't need to start out with special grow tubes dude.
    They are expensive the need replacement every 6 months or so and it sounds to me you're a budget grower.

    Just get some 2 foot tubes, cool white. Looks like two of them will go in your box.
    You should make some kind of chain system to make the lights adjustable in hight.

    Then cut two holes. One air intake and the other with fan air out. 8 or 9 cm computer-fan will do. They need 12V DC, so get an old external peripheral powersupply from a modem or such.
  18. Did u do it? i'm looking to add 2- 3" cpu fans. It work?
  19. Nope, didnt work.

    I tried it with 3 new fans I just got:rolleyes: and it didnt work on either, not with the charger, and not even with an old psu.

    I can guaruntee the fans arent faulty, so in all, I am now down three Computer fans which I maybe couldve used on my computer in the future :(

    Oh well

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