Making clear dome dry sift, the easy way..

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  1. Hello all.  First post.. so let's make this a memorable one, eh?  Cheers!  
    I have seen quite a few people blowing themselves up doing bho.. and I realize it's the thing right now.. but i'm hoping to change that a bit.  We really don't need to be hurting ourselves in the pursuit of medicine.. and well.. it keeps happening.  
    With my tek, you can quickly and efficiently achieve clear dome quality in just a few seconds.  Yep, seconds.  In just about any weather condition, and on almost any flat hard surface, as I provide you with a special surface to sift on.. anyways.. 
    A few shots for eye candy.. courtesy of Calyxswells on IG, her first try with this tek.. not bad!  
    And under a scope from something I did a while back.. 
    10-15 second sift.. no carding.. no refining.. one shot and you end up with this.. heh.. 
    Couple more scope shots.. these courtesy of another first timer who pulled this.. thx brozini.. 
    PM if curious about kits.. heh... thanks guys!  Seriously.. a minute.  That's as long as my tutorial could be, lol.  I will probably make a longer one going over a few other items soon though, heh..  

    Cheers all.  

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  2. No sifters out there??  
  3. DSW!!!

    Spreading the love eh????
    + Rep...

    Seriously, DSW's product is the essence of cannabis.

    Thank you for sharing this on the forums bro.
  4. Big props. Full melt dry sift is probably the best cannabis product out there imo...I have bubble bags but no sifting screens. I really need to invest in some.  :smoking:
  5. Thanks quas!  And I totally agree with you.. there isn't anything else like it.  
    I know a lot of people think sifting can't be this good, or yield well, but it can, and it does.  I typically see close to 10%, sometimes better if the product is very nice.  
    If you are looking for kits has options for all price ranges.  If I am not allowed to advertise somebody get in touch with me and let me know how I go about this.  
  6. Very interested in this tek. Is is dabable? How is it different from keif?
  7. Are you MnH from icmag?
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  9. This is awesome man. It's pure as hell too, I see some people making dry sift and leaving lots of plant material in with it. That tech only used one sized screen? Not like the BubbleBox that comes with three? 
  10. i just buy my own screens on ebay and make boxes with 2x2s
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    Noonan1223 sorry dude.. I just saw your message man.. 
    Check out the website !! 
    This was a recent run by another first timer.. his first try on my kit yielded this... 
    20140716_145525-1-1.jpg 20140716_145251-1.jpg 20140713_153711-1.jpg
    MrNice it's a 2 screen stack.. one quick 10 second scuff and that's it.. you get this.  
    The idea is that the longer, whole capitate stalks fall sideways in the air between the small space that's left there.. about an inch between.. the heads being round and dense, fall and find their way down through the mess of stalks lying across themselves.. it just works lol.. it's nuts but it does.  
    Kinda held onto this since around 2003 but it was time.. and yeah, no refining, no carding, no nothing.  You could make that amount in less than 5 minutes, and it's full melt..very dabbable.. 
    No difference between 'kief' and this.. just another name for it.  Bubblehash, ice wax, etc.. same thing. 
  12. I would definitely say theres a difference between kief and this. Kief would refer to a single pass like from a grinder or DI+bubble bags, theres going to be contaminant until you clean it up with other screens to isolate mainly heads. I wouldnt dab kief, but I would sure as hell dab some FMDS :metal:
  13. This is like blowing my mind bro, haha. Bubbleman carded his on the 3 screens for a total of like 30-40 mins at times, and your just swiping with your hands for 10-15 seconds over the first screen? After that you move the screen and take the second and knock it a little with your finger? Which surface had the best quality at the end, the right or that both screens were originally on or the left one that you tapped the second screen on? I may look into some of these. 
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    Disregard that. I just read the pic tutorial on your site. This is pretty neat man. I've always loved dry sift full melt, and this looks very dabable. I make qwiso often and lose lots of terpenes and don't get the best yield. I know that this also doesn't pull the best yield but I don't need to dab as much for some reason. It seems more potent in my eyes. I do have a question or two for ya though, what would you usually get using a quarter ounce of bud or trim? Assuming more with bud, I'd like to use bud. 
    The other question, how was that picture you showed pressed? That looks like some essential extract shit haha. Parchment paper and what for heat tech?
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    Kief is dry, loose resin.. that's how I view it.  This is dry sift, kief, whatever.. just a better version of doing it is all. 
    Mr. Nice yeah I know.. for years I watched him teach people to do that over multiple screens, in the snow, all that nonsense.. I had no intentions of starting a company.. I actually gave the method out free over at ICM (which i'm ip banned from 3x now) and took it and ran with it himself, starting selling my sizes and all that, insulting me, blocking me from his pages/sites/etc. so I couldn't defend myself or get the word out.. he is a mod over there, and i've been blocked from joining a couple others as well.. he doesn't want anyone to know about my method. 
    Jimmy Carter lol.. yes you can dab kief/dry sift if it's pure.  No you don't need to 'clean' it out if you use a method that works well, i.e. mine.  Here is somebody recently using outdoor flowers from last season.  
    Full terpenes.. full flavor.. full high.  Much better than anything else i've ever smoked, which is why I mainly make/puff on dry sift and have for the past 12 ish years.  It's that good.  
    Not sure If I can embed a video but here is the link 

    Also, the pictures you see of my stuff are pressed by thumb.. I take the powder and put it in my palm and press with my other thumb for about 5 seconds.  That's enough to get it to press and then you just flatten it out into a nice little grease patty.   :)
    As for yield, totally depends on how frosty ya know?  I prefer using sugar leaf and popcorn nugs to 'dense' smoking nugs if you will.. the fluffy stuff tends to 'poof' better and the leaf if it's good.. doesn't need to be 'broken down' if you will to release the trichs.. with dense buds you kinda have to destroy them and that creates a lot of green matter and fragmented stalks right there.. which is why has you buy a ton of screens in his kits.. he purposely introduces contaminant by grinding and I don't like it/think it's a good idea.  
    That's why it takes so long using his system to get down to the purity you are after.. kinda pointless in my eyes.  
  16. dude lol thats what I said. If its a high enough % of heads then it will be melty enough to dab. if its full of stalks its not gonna be melty.
    you know what I'm saying.
  17. Ok here is a little update.. been doing some work lately as the weather finally cooled off a bit.. from trash to stash.. I took this.. lol.. 
    And turned it into this, standard 10 second sift, no carding, no refining.. still pulled full melt.  My method just holds it's own.  
    And without the flash
    And the 200x scope of it.. 
    Follow me on IG @drysiftwizard, cheers guys!  
  18. Damn man that is unreal. I'm definitely going to get a set of your screens by the end of the summer. The tech is awesome. I'd love to experiment non solvently. 
  19. what micron screens are they?
  20. I don't know but the results are amazing. I'm definitely getting some soon. 

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