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CBD Oil Making CBD oil from Isolate...

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by grapenut2457, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Ok ...I am good at making stuff but poor at math. I want to make cbd oil for my wife from isolate....if I have .5 grams of 99% cbd isolate, how much olive oil do I need to dissolve it in to achieve 5 or 10 mg dose when putting it in a standard size capsule? Clear as mud maybe but thanks to any help....
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  2. We'll round that up to 100% isolate which gives you 500 mg CBD. If you added 100 ml olive oil that would give you 100 doses of 5 mg. Each ml would contain 5 mg. One 00 capsule holds nearly one ml.
  3. Cool...1mg per cap than.
  4. Actually one milliliter is 5 mg. A 00 cap holds like .9 ml.
  5. Ok...told you I was bad at math.
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