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  1. so this is a little out of my interest. But my wife is obsessed with the thought of making her own carts. Anyone have a recipe or list of how they do it? Can it even be done? Any help is greatly appreciated my fellow blades.
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  3. A couple of years ago I was using this stuff called wax liquidizer you just mix in a measured amount with your concentrate (wax,bho,w/e) and heat gently and mix thouragly. Then obviously fill your new/or if being thrifty refilling old carts. There was another brand I could get at the local smokeshop but I dont remember the name. Lately I've just been vaping my herb, love the pax 2.
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  4. Wife would prefer to use food grade ingredients. So it’s the most natural etc. she has mct oil and vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. I don’t know much about it to be honest. She made hash and mixed it with what ever contraption she does lol. And it’s good. But not like store bought carts.

    She’s spending more on her cart hobby than I am on the grow lol. I’m looking for a In detail recipe to be honest. Your help is much appreciated. I don’t know what I’m reading I just show her the responses.

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  5. Yea I'm not sure what's in them but I preferred the liquidizer over the wild Bill's brand. I was getting 3 to 4 carts per gram of wax and they were comparable to the dispo carts, but like I said this was a couple years ago i grow my own now and I prefer flower over concentrate. I also like vaping flower more than those carts(discretion and efficiency) plus a much more less harsh feeling the next day I smoke alot...
  6. Yeah I know what you mean. I smoke for recreation. Probably a quarter a day. She doesn’t like smoking bud so she prefers carts. And here in Michigan they’re $40-$60 a piece. So she’s trying to make her own. She like a mad scientist over here. She had anxiety through the roof, so I’m trying to help as much as I can
  7. You got me curious about what I was smoking, this is what they say (Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of ingredients including Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol or PG. Wax Liquidizer is a PG based proprietary blend that includes several levels of PG some of which include PG, PEG200, and PEG400. Recognized as safe by the FDA PG is used in many foods, medical and baby products. PG is classified by the FDA as GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe

    Most all Vape Oils contain PG. Many are blends of PG and VG (vegetable glycol). PG is thinner than VG. PG is odorless and tasteless. It has a greater stabilizing ability than VG, this makes it a perfect ingredient for Wax Liquidizer.

    PG is also found in Asthma inhalers and a host of beauty products its ability to stabilize ingredients and keep them from separating makes it a common ingredient in many industries. Here are a fewproducts it is in that we consume.)

    I'm not advocating anything, I dont like those oil carts any more. I prefer vaping regular flower. But here is the link. Wax Liquidizer Ingredients - FDA Approved Ingredients | Wax Liquidizer
  8. I tried the cart for when I was at work or out In public. For discrete reasons obviously. But they never kept me high long enough. Even the more concentrated ones. So I cut them all together. I’ll run the info by the misses and she what she has to say. Thank you kind sir
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  9. Yea fellow michigander here. I was paying 30-40 per cart depending on size. 500-1000ml. The best thing that happend here in MI is legal grow. I was spending 550-600/ month on thc. Now I spend 250/mo for dte bill and I get so much much much more amazing smoke.
  10. She says ingesting the pg and Inhaling it is a different ball game. They’re doing more studies Because it has been connected to cancer from inhalation. She’s trying to get away from pg vg and PEG and go with MCT oil.

    Mct is another form of coconut oil. Made from medium triglycerides, which have been proven to be healthier to inhale and can not cause lipid phenomena.

    My mind just exploded typing her words lol
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  11. That I agree with you there brother. Glad they made it legal because now I can grow in peace ;).
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  12. My money is on shes already smoking it and that's what the dispos do. Yo ever head of dank vapes? There all the rage here and you buy the packageing that say sall the different flavors right from the www.? Then they make it in house and sell it as there own.
  13. Never heard of it, but I’m definitely on my way to look it up now
  14. The only way you know what it is is if you grow and do it all yourself, I'm back to I'd rather have my own amazing shit and vape my own flower no additives (370-410F) and have it not even come out burnt[your bodys not supposed to inhale any burning material] and me here stoned as fukkkkk. LoL
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  15. That’s the only legitimate way to know what you’re smoking for sure. I stopped smoking for a while before the dispos came around. It was a lot of sketchy shit around. Got some bud from Madison heaights and lost my damn mind lol. Went to the hospital and toxicology showed it had pcp on it. Wildest, strangest ride of my life to say the least lol
  16. i STOP smoking and feel much better now, love it and suggest it for all ! :)
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  18. Anything ever come of this? Also i thought carts were supposed to do a better job than flower.

    I also like the idea of going to a volcano or something with sizeable bags

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  19. Wax Liquidizers are cool n all but if you want to do it right make your own distillate and add turpenes.

    All you need is your concentrate and a short-path distillation rig lol. Just some basic chemistry, no biggie !

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