Making cannabuter with trim leaves

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  1. I am about to harvest. Instead of making hash. I wanted to use the trim and bottom buds of my plant to make cannabutter? Anyone have good methods of doing this
  2. Use 3 cups water 1lb real butter 5 or more oz leaves boil for 30 min simmer with lid for 2-3 hours strain poor in bowl put in fridge for a night. Butter will get hard on top of water..
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    easiest way:

    Take trim, add it to crock pot. Add about 4-5 sticks of butter and then just enough water to cover all the trim. Leave it on low for like 4-5 hours and strain it through a cheese cloth (squeeze that shit good). Put the liquid in a fridge to separate.

    I did this same recipe just the other day for the 3rd time. It kicks ass because it's pretty impossible to burn your butter in a crock pot on low, but i have seen people fuck up butter making it on the stove.

    My brownies and cookies I made will seriously put the hurt locker on ya. And continues to increase the high for about 5 hours then just lingers for another 3. I can smoke all day long, eat a brownie and the brownie will out weigh my smoke high.

    Edit: the best advice is to bubble hash out all your trim first, then take taht shit and crock pot it. You will not be disappointed. Bubble hash is not really that efficient at removing all the glands so after you do it there is still a lot of get high goodness in your trim. I could still physically see glands on my trim after hashing it.

    Then after you make butter with it you can do a bleach wash with your trim and make paper out of it. Pretty easy, requires a screen and iron.
  4. Leaf butter tastes like ass. The finished food product will be much easier to eat if you strip the trichomes from the leaf material before using them for butter.

  5. I don't know what you mean
    I used to be a fan of brownies but now I do not eat any unless they were made with cannabutter

    On what did you have a Leaf butter taste? A firecracker?
    When baked into a recipe as 1 ingredient, you do not taste anything leafy
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    what ? Google "hash making"..

    to the OP

    the buds sauteed in butter works ..but the crock pot with water ,butter works best ( +rep Pastivity..) ..and the more water you use the less "ass "taste you get .

    BTW we use 3 Ozs of sugar leaves and popcorn.. to the pound ,..and have killer edibles..we move approximately150-200 cannabis cookies & 4 hotel pans of brownies per month, here on the Oregon coast ( and that is just by word of mouth dispensaries.)

    good luck
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    Should I dry the leaves and trim before the crock pot?
  8. yes , dry em .
  9. I've made cookies, brownies, cakes, icings and croissants with cannabutters. The taste of the finished product is much better when made with hash or bud instead of leaf. It's the same thing as when smoking it. Butter cookies especially, when made with leaf butter, are simply inedible.
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    How u cook it?
  11. hash / butter ratio please.
  12. My apologies to Smokey and Wharf. I must not have checked the Harvesting section in the past few days and so didn't realize I was missing messages. The overabundance of "How much longer?" questions in most harvesting forums discourages me from checking them too often.

    Afaik I cook it about the same way most butter is cooked, with water & butter in a pot. The stove is kept on very low to just melt the butter. Once it's all melted, the hash is added. I'll get into how much hash further down this post. The heat is very slowly increased to the lowest simmering temperature. Allow a couple of minutes between heat adjustments. Slowly finding the right simmering temp without going over it is important. The soup is cooked for about half an hour (different pans, stoves & amounts of butter will affect ideal cooking time), stirring regularly. It's done when the hash is fully emulsified, giving the butter a smooth, somewhat frothy texture. With most hash, the butter will take on some of the hash's color (usually turning browner) when it's finished cooking. Some of the more blonde hashes like fine bubblehash will change the butter's color very little.

    Once the butter is done cooking, the stove is turned off. The soup is stirred as it begins to cool. A couple minutes later, it has lowered in temperature a few degrees but is still very warm and is poured into a container to cool & separate.

    Recipes that use lower oven temps are best for cooking with cannabutter. This is one reason why brownies work well.

    The best measure of hash to use per stick of butter will vary with the potency of the hash and the type of food the butter's made into. Foods that cook longer and/or at higher temps destroy more of the hash and so should have more mixed in to compensate. Foods that have more butter in them per serving get less hash. With good hash made from my plants, I start out with 4g/stick for most single-stick recipes and 2.5g/stick for most two-stick recipes. Each recipe will of course get tweaked for the best measure of hashish.
  13. I'd suggest getting a coffee grinder to grind your trim.. I usually grind it until it is powder.. That way no bites will be ruined by chewing on stem..

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    I am guessing u don't filter put the stems and ganja. Once u cook the thc put u have no need for the rest. I plan on getting cheese cloth and getting rid of all the excess chunks
  15. No I just put it in the way it ends up.. After you've grinded it then there are no excess chunks.. Everything is evenly grinded up into more of a powder.. We can't even taste the difference between that and straining :confused_2: so being the lazy stoner that I am I just leave it in :p

  16. cheese cloth it.

  17. dude where at on the coast? ive been in seaside for 2 weeks and still havent found ANYTHINGGGG :(
  18. Ya take a qp of trim, grind it and simmer it for about 3 hours in water then add 4 sticks o butter let it brew another half then pour it through cheesecloth into a pan to setup in the fridge overnight or at least a few hours, then pull out the big chunks ad put em into another bowl, mocrowave it, and filter again u wanna filter it at least 3 times through a finer mesh each time, just fold the cloth over again.

    Haha the Oregon coasters love our butter, Eh brownies

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