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Making Canna-creamer (for coffee)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rodger Rodger, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. sorry this isn't actually a recipe, I'm trying to make cannabis infused half-and-half to see if I can use it as a coffee creamer.

    I've looked at canna-milk recipes, and the only thing I'm looking to do differently is avoid cooking the half and half. I was wondering, for those who may have cooked with cannabis more often than I have, if I could try to dissolve the THC into the half-and-half?

    My idea is to slow bake some ground bud to decarboxylate it, and then set it in a cotton filter bag (like the ones you'd use to cold brew coffee) and let it steep in the half-and-half for a day or two. or maybe even just mix it in and then filter out the leaves afterwards instead of using the cotton bag. My understanding is that THC is soluble in fats and oils and not so much water, and the fat content in half-and-half is much higher than in milk. If it is decarboxylated, would it dissolve given enough time?

    do you guys think this would work? feel free to try and let me know if you want. I'm a light user and I don't have much money or excess weed to experiment with, so I'm hesitant to just try it :/
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  2. I have tried many methods of creamer/milk/butter infusions for my coffee. I honestly find cooking with coconut oil is not only easier, but seems to be more effective (getting high) then any other infusion. My butters or milks always taste gross to me, and they just don't carry the punch.

    So now I just add my creamer and sugar and about a teaspoon+ of my cannaoil. It rests on top a bit, and it gives you the shits. Other then that, 10/10.

    Just my 2 cents after lots of experimentation. Goodluck
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  3. Hit it on the head...
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  4. To decarb you should use 240F for 40 minutes. This is based on lab tests done by our own PsychedelicSam.

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