Making butane hash a lethal mix in home drug labs

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  2. If you know what you're doing it's not as dangerous as the media makes it seem. It should be done outside so if there was an explosion it wouldn't fuck up your house. There are a multitude of videos on youtube that show you how to do it the right and safe way.
  3. The article mentions that people dont do it outside for fear of being caught.

    When i read it my first thought was "Well this wont help legalization"
  4. Darwins law in motion.
    If they are afraid of doing it outdoors, then they shouldn't do it at all.
    Nothing wrong with a garage door opened about a foot. Use materials close to the ground and have a fan pushing the gas out. :smoke:
  5. This right here
    "The Redondo chef worked next to a fan in an open window - with the curtain mostly closed so neighbors couldn't see. He made sure he didn't drag his feet on the carpet to generate static. He moved slowly so as not to bump something with the glass tube and cause a spark. But he knew that none of this is fail-safe. The fan could have an internal spark."
    Makes it sound dangerous as a mother fucker to do it anywhere besides outside. What indoor people should start doing is wear that suit that helps prevent burns from fires. Like racecar drivers wear. So even if there is an explosion your body will be broken but you wont need skin grafts.
  6. Well then they shouldn't do it if they don't have privacy in their backyard. But I agree, just another reason against herb.
  7. Or spend the extra money for a co2 extraction setup and do honey oil extraction safely and legally under medical mj laws. Only way u can sell oi legit to a club is co2 extraction. Any good club wont even bother with butane extracted because of the legal ramifications.
  8. I think one of the problems is that these people dont realize the danger at all. They look up how to make it and think the only danger is maybe burning themselves from the flame and the instruction websites dont say the dangers.

    Other people just like living life on the edge I guess.
  9. yeahalot of ignorant people doing it without proper safety precautions.
  10. heard one of my homies was doing this and i can damn sure bet they are NOT doing it very safely. but eh there life i personally would not do this dont trust myself enough to
  11. Hate to be a debbie downer but honestly making BHO really is pretty dangerous.  Even with safety precautions. 
    All that gas is in the open air and one little over. 
    It's never really "safe" with all that gas in the air.  But I've never made it my self so what do I know.  Just speaking from common sense I guess.
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    Does your friend properly understand the dangers? Send him the article or tell him about it just in case. Especially if he is doing it on a house with others. Wont be only hurting himself in an explosion if that's the case.
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    actually a good idea ill send him some articles for sure thanks man. an naw lol they are all doing it. any good NON biased articles you would recommend?
    actually this article should do nicely. thanks for that advice tho (no sarcasm)
  14. I wouldnt know about any more articles, sorry. I just came across this and I thought people should know.
    (Saw you already said this article would do nicely but still)
  15. really disappointing, definitely a bad look on the verge of legalization. 
  16. You should hot water purge it to get most of the butane out before putting it over flames, and always outside.
  17. Open flame. Why. Hot plate.
  18. Im guessing you dont know how expensive a super critical CO2 extractor is?

    They cost more than most people make in a year
  19. Not to mention in Cali, most of the CO2 oil, is just BHO, that was sold as CO2 oil for legal reasons
  20. i found a decent setup for a few grand if ur serious about making something quality for patients u will not worry about cost.

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