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Making brownies, maybe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by FatJayz, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. On Monday I'm going to buy a half oz of some dank (lemon kush) for 150 and I'm thinking of making brownies or other baked goods with it. I know how to make them, but how much cannabutter would I get with a half oz and how much cannabutter do I add to make them SUPER powerful? I want to have to only eat one, i'll be using them for getting high stealth like.

  2. You want about 0.5 grams of pot per serving. A half ounce is 14g. So that would mean you would get 28 doses from half an ounce. Most of the dope bought on the street is a little light so keep that in mind.
    If your brownies take 4 oz of butter and make 24 servings, make 4 oz of cannabutter with the half ounce. If the recipe calls for 4 oz of butter and serves 12, use a quater oz of pot to make 4 oz of butter. You could also make 8oz of butter with the half oz but only use half the butter and save the other half.
    If it's good weed and everything goes right, 0.5g per serving is a good high even for serious smokers. I wouldn't reccomend more than 0.75g per person.
    If you haven't made edibles before, I'd reccomend only using a quarter ounce. That way you don't waste all your dope if it doesn't work out.

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