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making brownies for camping help PLZ!!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by NewToToking, May 17, 2010.

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    so me and like 6-12+ people are going camping together and im making special brownies for everyone who pitched in. probably 2 batches. anyway. background info. im buying cannabutter from a dispensarie already made because i heard it smells like crazy weed when you make it. so questions.

    1. if i make brownies with (ALREADY MADE!!) cannabutter will it smell like weed or brownies?

    2. since the canna butter costs 20-25$ how much weed do you think is in there? im asking this cuz a g is 20$ of some dank in cali and i will be very dissapointed if only a g is in the canna butter. here are my options
    25$ budder ? oz - og kush - indica
    20$ budder 4 oz - super lemon haze and Ischence - hybrid
    20$ whipped budder ? oz

    by oz i mean the amount of cannabutter is given. which i think its like a stick of butter.

    3. what is whipped budder? is it the same sht as regular budder?

    4. how do you melt cannabutter cuz i read recipies where you have to have melted cannabutter and it cant be solid, without burning it?

    5. is it safe to melt cannabutter in the microwave or will it mess up the thc?

    6. how long can these brownies last in my fridge? covered with foil or plastic wrap

    7. how many batches can i make with 4 ounces of cannabutter?

    thanks :)

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