Making blender hash??

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  1. I'm using the ice water blender method to make hash out of some old shake. I usually use 1 part ice and 2 parts skuff, and top it off with water, then blend. How long should I blend the mixture for before the plant matter becomes fine enough to slip through the metal screen?
  2. I thought blender hash was when you use a glass blender and put it in the freezer. then when its all frosty you put your stuff in there blend it up poor out ground up bud then "slam the glass on to a table then your left with your hash? never done is seen it on trailer park boys.
  3. Thats dry blender hash. You get a lot of plant matter in the finish product. What I'm talking about is a cold water extraction.
  4. not really sure about this myself so excuse me if I am wrong but I think you are trying to do it wrong. ice water is to make the trichomes brittle so they break from the leaf. you should blend this all up and then let it settle. it's a method of seperating instead of filtering. the trichomes are heavier than water so they sink. the rest of the plant matter is ligher than water so it floats.

    blend up. let seperate. pour off they top 2/3 or so that contains the green stuff. you should be left with water with sand like stuff at the bottom. use a coffee filter to drain this.
  5. No. The wire screen is necessary because only the trichomes are small enough to slip through. Even if the plant matter floats, you want as little plant matter as possible in your final liquid solution. Look up any guide, it'll tell you.
  6. I do it for a min or two.... depends really on how much plant matter im working with. but i will then refreeze whats left over and run it again at a later time. :wave:
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  8. how much ganja are you trying to turn to hash?

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