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  1. Hey blades, so I made some bho for the first time over the weekend. Dabs are still really new in my area and we get nasty black/green goo dabs that taste and look like shit. So we used a half of really dank bud and blasted it twice. It came out as the most potent and one of the clearer oils I've seen. Not quite shatter but you can play with it a little. We only got mayyyybe two grams so it wasn't really profitable. So I'm wondering, is the only way to be profitable from making dabs to use trim or leaves that you get super cheap? Cuz using nice bud seems to be non profitable. Even when we got a good deal on it.

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  2. Its because your nice buds are not as nice as you think they are. Im not slamming your weed its just the truth. I thought I had fire bud till I blasted it and only got a 12% return. What is your method for blasting and purging and I will try to give you some advice to make the oil better. I attatched a pic of some of the nug i have blasted thinking I was going to get huge returns just for a 12%-13% return

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  3. Team grow to blow man. Making BHO from expensive bought weed will never work out.

    1) you only yield, like you said at most an eigth. I've ran 2 oz in a tube b4 and gotten only 5g in return its just not worth it.

    2) now you have a bunch of weed that tastes and smells like butane with little to no THC it's just a lose lose situation. I

    f you HAVE extra buds like that to spare then oils are good to smoke cause weed probably isn't doing shit. If not, I would just pay $35-$50 for a gram or like I said, team grow to blowcc

  4. In my opinion, this perspective is naive. But usually he is right miss aren't worth running.

    I have ran some dank that had almost literally 0 visible crystals and got a decent yield and potency was supreme.

  5. Yeah I didn't think nicer bud will give you more quantity either. Just stronger oil. I've come to the conclusion that oil is only worth making from trimmings. You'll spend more on nug than you'll get in oil.

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  6. Nice nugs will get you a 20%+ yield, just have to find something properly potent.

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