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Making BHO vacuum purge, Help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Malamala, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Hi I'm making some BHO with probably about 14grams of dank bud. I pretty much know the process of doing it, but I would like alittle bit of help with some of the details so I can make it as good as possible.

    1. Whats better grind up bud or bud broken into small nugs?
    2. I have two 3 fl oz. cans of Colibri will that be enough?
    3. What should I bring the pressure to if I'm vacuum purging?
    4. How long should I vacuum purge for?
    5. Does my extractor have to be full to efficiently make BHO?
    6. Do I need to wear gloves when extracting with a glass extractor?
    7. Is it best to whip the BHO alittle bit before vacuum purging?

    Any other useful advice or tips would be appreciated!
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    bump because I too could use info on this.. nice Pic BTW

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  3. Bump for knowledge
  4. Thanks looking through it now haha
  5. One more bump. Hopefully get some responses this time haha
  6. /pity bump haha.

    Getting ready to make it now. I have 2 small cans of Colibiri butane a total of 6.08 fl ozs. I'm going to run them through my glass extractor with 13.x grams of tiny nugs of bud with 2 coffee filters at the end. After extracting I'm going to let it sit in a water bath until it mostly stops bubbling and the liquid butane is gone. After the butane is mostly gone I'm going to put it in my oven at 170 for 1 minute. After I take it out of the oven I'm going to put it in a mason jar and vacuum seal it at 25 hgs for 10 minutes or so. After the first purge ill repeat at 170 for 30 seconds and vacuum seal it again for another 10 min. After that ill either repeat a few more times or wait for it to cool down haha. Anything wrong with my process or does it all seem pretty solid?
  7. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Anytime I hope you enjoyed it haha
  9. hey bro u shud only need to use one can roughly to get it .. and you should not use mason jars it very dangerous.. they arnt meant to hold the pressure for to long infact not at all.. but isnt 170 too high i usualy purge my oil oon a heater aat 120 - 130 .. but i also read somewhere it takes up to 4 days for the butane crystals to fully disovle and then you shud re purge it on the 4th day . but thanks for your info how she dabb?
  10. just break apart the buds with your fingers and de-stem it


    hours, with constant heat of 120 F

    yes packed down with decent pressure

    no. use an oven mitt though as it will get cold.

    no. never whip. ever.
  11. hey bro im jus wondering why you day never whip? almost all the forums i read say to whip it afta al the large bubble pop? and then into the vac chamber and even then yu shud mix it up in the chamber to ensure a even purge?
  12. Technically you're destroying your product when you whip.. who cares, if you like budder or the texture of whipped or however you wanna do it, do it that way.

    Whipping introduces air which degrades it, some other reasons.
  13. whipping destroys terapins which is what makes it taste good.
    whipping actually traps the butane in more than not touching it.
    whipping adds air which decarboxylase the thc which immediately starts breaking it down.
    and it only degrades faster as time goes on so unless your smoking it all that or the next day it will be considerably less potent.
    budder is hard to get to stick to the dabber.
    butter and wax just looks ugly compared to shatter.

    if you like the consistency of butter or wax by all means make it how you want
    but if you want top quality, never agitate it, just low heat(120f) and vacuum for an hour or two and youll get some nice shatter that you can smoke off fro a long time and it wont loose flavors or potency.

  14. Pretty much this haha.
  15. sounds tru enuf lol kk il have to do it next couple of days
  16. :hello::hello::hello::hello: Yes! Now if only i can get the folks in my area to realize this truth...Dont get me wrong i love to see some nice honeycomb wax but when you weigh the pros and cons between that and shatter...well...im sure we are aware of my opinion at this point. Kudos to you man :bongin::yay:

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