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Making BHO Butane Honey Oil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by N3Wstrain, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I have roughly 3 grams of Violator Kush that I'd like to turn into my first batch of butane honey oil...

    I'm just wondering that since I'm using full premium bud and not shake or low quality stuff will I get a decent yield out of just 3 grams of bud?
  2. Thanks bro!
  3. I would still like more information on yield. I only have 1 300ml can of Calibri Butane and about 3grams of Violator Kush. I want to get as much possible but do I have to do 2 washes?
  4. If you ask in that thread, you should get an answer pretty soon. It's always active. Good luck, I plan on making some with my first harvest!
  5. You can do two washes, the second one won't be as good though, and you'll only add like a .1 to the outcome though. What are you using as a blasting tube? 3 grams is awful small to be running through a normal tube since it should be packed evenly and tight.

  6. Packed tightly eh? So it's not even worth making? I was going to use a plastic pepper shaker as a tube but ppl say to avoid plastic yet the head shop sells these spaced aged plastic tubes for making oil.:confused:
  7. i thought u need like 2 oz of shake to make BHO???!!!
  8. No, you can use any amount of bud to make bho. If you are doing small runs, a lot of people use downstems as tubes, since they're made out of glass and pretty small. I would avoid using plastic if possible. If you get some more bud, you can always use the tried and true stainless steel turkey baster.

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