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Making Badkats Cannaoil For 1St Time - Need Opinions/suggestions

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Meremoth, Jun 1, 2013.

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    This is what I'm going to make very soon:

    I'm going to follow the instructions exactly, but she left the ratio of herb to oil up to the reader, and this is where I'm lost.
    Should I use enough oil to completely submerged the herb?  How much of a layer of oil should be above the herb?  Should the herb be completely soaked in the oil? 
    Also, should the lecithin granules be ground up into a powder?  
    Thanks in advance.   :)

    Edit: Also was looking for what I need to do before eating edibles to make them more potent. For example, I heard you aren't suppose to take edibles first thing in the morning.

    What am I suppose to eat before hand to make sure I'm getting the most out of my edibles?

    Thanks. :)

    Edit #2:

    Just found this video from BatKat:

    Here she uses MCT Oil mixed with Coconut oil, so now I'm even more confused. How important is it to mix the MCT oil with the coconut and how much am I suppose to use of the MCT vs the coconut? Can I just use coconut oil instead of the mct oil and it be just as good?
  2. 1.About oil
    the best mix is coconut oil simply because it has more fat and good health
    then you can mix some other oil in minimal amount just to make the oil more bio available
    dont use olive oil 
    -What i do is i mix enough oils that my coconut oil will stay liquid at room temp its easier for me that way
    2. Amount
    the best thing is to put just enough oil to complety submerge the herb but you can always add more oil , you will need more oil in your edible thats all
    for soy lecithin  it  will melt while heating whit the herb
  3. You could always eat a mango if you want to eat before your edible. If you dont eat them all the time then i swear it does give marijuana a little more effect than usual. Ive found edibles have a bigger effect on an empty stomach like alcohol and pills do.

    You do want to cover the bud up with your oil, just cover it up though dont overfill it.
  4. bks is the real deal 
    you definately do not have to pulverize your lethicin , its going to melt/dissolve in the brew
    you cover the green until it is just under sea level not fill the whole jar 
    good luck pal
  5. Thanks guys. :)

    Okiedokie, so I'm going to make it this morning. Going to get some coffee in me and then get going.

    I'm using some seedy schwag. It gives a mild buzz when toked. My tolerance is pretty high.

    How many ounces of oil should I eat/drink? I don't plan on cooking the oil into any food. I plan on either taking the oil in shot-form, or maybe soaking some bread in it.

    Also, how necessary is it to strain the oil? After I freeze it and let it thaw again, can I just use it as is? I have cheese cloth, so straining it isn't a big deal, I just didn't want to lose much oil in the cloth.
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    Almost finished cooking. Just going to have to freeze it now.


    Can I eat the oil while it's frozen? Is that okay, or does it need to reliquidfy for any reason at all?

    I only used 4 grams, and ground it into a fine powder. I don't see any reason to strain it. Is it cool just to eat it frozen, unstrained?

    Edit: In a couple of hours from now, it should be frozen and ready.

    Hopefully someone can answer my question before then (is it okay to eat it frozen and unstrained?)
  7. With preparing to eat: have a largish snack or a small meal (preferably something greasy) about 2-3 hours before you ingest your edibles.
    This does two things:
    1 The cells in your gut lining are "alert", so to speak. They are, or have just finished, processing food and won't blink the proverbial eye when served up your edible.
    2 Your liver will have had work to do breaking down the meal you recently ate, and nutrients will have been extracted. Now that your fuel levels are up it doesn't need to aggressively deal with any further chemicals that come along - as it will do if it's "hungry".
    Eating on an empty stomach risks wasting your precious material altogether. It can literally go straight through your digestive system without striking a chord. What goodies that were absorbed into the blood stream have been smashed by your liver.
    I like to eat around 70gms of salami slices and a salad sandwich around 2 and a half hours before I ingest, and it works every time.
    As with anything to do with edibles, you must go to BadKat's CannaPharm thread. What isn't there, including further information on how edibles work in our digestive system, isn't worth knowing...
    Once you have finished processing the oil it is ready to go. Get it into ya anyway you want/can!
    Seriously, I cook BK's canna choc cookies recipe because I find that they are reasonably palatable and I can get 10mls of oil into each one. Not sure I could eat raw oil though, even if it was in a few frozen pieces, but it's food for thought (if you'll excuse the pun)...
    As for straining it, that is purely for aescetic purposes. If you are happy to eat the grit it isn't going to hurt you...
    Again, go to BK's thread in the Incredible Edible forum. The answer to your questions will be found there. You'll just have to wade through a lot of stuff to find it :)
    You sound pretty keen....
    Jump onto Bad Kitty's thread. There is no way around it, if you are serious you will have to do some serious reading. The thread is over a 100 pages, and a lot of it is informative. That said, most of what you will need to know, as opposed to additional info you may want to know, will be found in the first 40 pages.
    You would be much better off asking any questions you have in that thread. Most of the people that see it will have been employing BK's methods for some time, and will be only too happy to help.

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