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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by gr0wer, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Hey grower here! I decided that I might do a bit of gardening around the house. Instead of doing it like a fairy with legit plants I'm building a ethnobotanical garden, and leaving a few of the non-psycoactive plants that already grow there to make a nice visual mix. I still live with my parents, after all I'm only 18, so I can't do something as wild as throwing some clones out there. If I did pull a stunt like that I wouldn't be allowed to garden at my parent's house again. :p

    The first plant on my list is morning glory. Morning glory seeds produce LSA, which is a cousin of the synthesized drug LSD. You ned to extract the LSA by soaking the seeds in High proof vodka or rum. There are 3 known species to be good producers of LSA, Pearly gates, heavenly blue, and flying saucers. I bought all 3 varieties from a local grocery store from the seed rack, there totally legal. I grew some last year and there easy to grow and only need a few sessions of training if there growing on a lattice fence. There climbers by wrapping themselves around what they grow on as they grow. They need something to grow on otherwise they grow on the ground till they find something to wrap around and climb up.

    Second on my list is Persian White Opium Poppy Seeds, I bought 20,000 seeds off eBay but I only plan to grow a few small row's. To keep it legal I'm not going to collect the opium by cutting, I'm going to dry and make a morphine tea with it. :D

    Salvia Divinorum I'm going to be growing from a specimen I bought off EBay (I riped myself off and overbid and won at $27). I'm going to transplant the plant outside then in fall ill bring a clone or two from it indoors for winter. It's a more tropical plant and wont live through the cold Long Island winter.

    I also bought 3 packets of tobacco seeds from . I bought Monte Calme Yellow as a blunt/cigar wrap. Havana #608 I picked because the description says it's good for growing up north and it's easy for newbs. I forget what the 3rd strain is but I think it was a filler for making cigars. I can't pull up my order to se what I bought, so I'll post the 3rd strain name once the seeds come in the mail.

    The last item on my list is catnip, Nepeta Cataria. This seed pack was bought from a grocery store intended for my cat, but now I found out that you can make a mild relaxing tea with it. It also has medical uses for colds, flu's, and fevers so it can come in handy.

    So far I have at least 2 sprouts from each of the morning glories in solo cups under a 19w daylight CFL in my closet. And a few days ago I planted the about 20 catnip seeds in a hanging pot near a window to get them started in, no sign of sprout yet.

    The scariest plant seeds I purchased is Datura, it's a common weed but its not well known or sold often for a reason. From the Erowid experiences it seems to be an extreme hallucinogenic, comparable to LSD only it can be dark and confusing. Most people have true solid hallucinations talking to people and having a conversation, and then the people disappear after looking away ect. because it was all a hallucination. Some of the common things are looking at people and they turn to animals most commonly wolves. I think the key to this powerful plant is low doses. I bought 100 seeds so I'm going to start a few plants using maybe 20 seeds then take the rest with some friends. I'm going to try 1/8 of tablespoon doses of seeds at first and see how that works out. It seems that a bad trip on this stuff can make hell out of our day, but a good trip can make one hell of a crazy day :D

    Over all this project so far is costing me about $70, i plan to keep it under $100. Not bad considering The variety and quantity of “sacred herbs” I will have this summer and fall. These along with shrooms thanks to dread, Some NL X Texas Timewarp thanks to iron seed, a bit of opium from a small opium plot will surely help make a few unique summer parties.
    Anyone have any other plants that are good to grow?
  2. nice bro... congrats and good luck
  3. im growing morning glory and datura in my room, i wanna grow salvia to but i dont know where id get it . . .
  4. sounds good...
  5. And i also bought peyote seeds but thats going to be done indoors and its not legit and they also takes 5 years to mature into a small ass 3" button. Im going to try and find a san pedro and graft onto that because it increases growth 5-10x. I think they sell them at stores? If not ill just use what cactus i can get to graft onto.
  6. ahh ethnobotics... yeah i like that, the only thing on that list of yours that ive tried has been the datura. i enjoy tripping, its very spirtual for me, but that plant was like a walk through hell. boy did i have the "Fear" nothing made sense, the hallways melted and body temp elevated to 102 degress. i remember sitting in the bathtub (n water) listen to dieselboy reverb through the tub. needless to say, the safest place for me was in the bathtub, layin in the prone position. i couldnt escape it becuase i had no control of my limbs. im thinkin i ate and drank to much of the tea. other than that, it was something i would never consider trying again. :)
  7. im jus gettin setup so i havent gotten to try any yet ill have to check out that ebay thing, whut kind of morning glory are you growing, im growin heavenly blues and flying saucers, why dont u grow some cannabis closetus, lol?

    and one more thing ive read reports on erowid for people being fucked up for 2 days on that so ya sounds good lol
  8. LOl dreadi think your lucky your still with us. You had a fever? Was it i your head or it really gave you a fever? Was it a fever caused for you bugging out, hyperventiliotin, scared, and shit? I heard that it can be crazy shit and the only good trip report i saw on erowid was guy who had the leaves, so i guess it was lower concentration so its more a more mellow trip. I think most people underestimate the power of her with to larg of doses and get the worst of her. Datura seems to be a one time drug due to all the negative afterefects, so i just wanted to give it one try. Ill save the seeds to eat for that perfect moment over the summer so i can be in the best surrounding possible. Im thinking about doing it a the beach with a sober watcher like my bro cuz i trust him infinitably so i can just concentrate on chilling and triping.

    Gr0 trees, I also grow canabis species outdoors, this is just another one of my side project's. Im going to be one busy mother fucker this season :D
  9. ya i just saw u posted in my countdown thread if all goes well ur gonna be a damn shaman, weed shrooms datura morning glory salvia plus other stuff . . . u gotta get fucked up on it all one night thatd be sick

    also to update i found 2 awesome sites to plant so im gonna go with 2 sites of 10-20 plants each, and for my closet only one seed is sprouting out of 5 that i germed so i planted a few days ago and its at soil level now, im still waiting for my morning glory to sprout but it should be in the next day or 2 ive got prolly 15 heavenly blues and 5 flying saucers, havent started the datura yet and am thinkin about buying some salvia off that link u showed me

    how far are you along in all your projects, u got ur pot or shroom sites setup or any of the other stuff

    i wanted to grow shrooms but i dont kno anything about them or how to go about doing it what do you have to get to grow them?
  10. I can send you a cutting if you want? pm me.

    Check out read all the FAQ's then look at growlogs in the forum and just lurk for a bit then give it a whirl. I should have spore prints in about a month to give away, or you can just buy a spore syringe for $10. And you dont need a presure cooker, but its nice if you have one, you can just steralize in a pot with about 1" of water for one hour then repeat the next day to make sure you got all contam spores.

    I was thinking about what i can make with what i will have too. I dremed up a blunt wraped with my tobacco, laced with hash, salvia extract, and opium. Then to get them all in 1 could make a datura, shroom and moning glory extract tea. Im sure that would be one hell of mix!

    I already have a half assed shroom plot that might produce but im going to make a nice one in a few weeks once it warms up. I have all 3 types of glorys going (pearly gates, flying saucer, heavenly blue) and there about one wek old now and 1/2-1" tall. Did you sacrify the seeds and soak them? It helps allot I only did it for one bacth and i have 4 out of 6 poped up while the other two groups only have 1-2 sprouts out of 6 seeds.
  11. sup grO, the fever i think came from ingesting the plant, i dont know. in a sense you are poisoning yourself. so i dont see why you wont run a fever. ive noticed my body temps up a lil when i shroom. normally when i smoke temps pretty low.
  12. aight ill read up on shrooms and pm u if im interested in growing some, probably will be, 2 more of my pot seeds sprouted today (sidenote) and i dont know whut u mean by sacrify but i soaked them for 3 hours and planted, the leftovers that i didnt plant that i soaked (3-8 seeds) i put on top of my screen in the papertowel method germ station wit my pot seeds, about 5 sprouted today and i planted the best ones, the rest i threw out from lack of grow space i prolly have soil surface area in my room equal to my bed surface area, if u dont get that basically i mean im growing a shitload in my room right now, but ya ill lookup on the shrooms and good luck on the growin
  13. Well pm me when you want spores but i was saying pm me if you want a cutting of my salvia plant? Same to you dread. The seller said its 14" , so i should be able to take least one or two clones.
  14. sup sup, the more i start reading about this, the more i want to run out and jus buy some 1/2 pint jars. im def going to get started here. let me show you how many i had going at one time

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  15. Nice grower, can we see some pics of ur setup and plants?!?!?!
  16. bro get some quart jars and move to grains. You have like 20 1/2 pint and pints when you would have had 5-8 WBS quart jars. The Pf is only 50% or so of organic matter and the rest is vermicu;lite while with WBS its all usable substrate for the shrooms. So theoreticly the amount of organic matter in one quart of WBS would be like 2 PF quarts.

    Use the WBS to spawn onto wormcasting or manure, or you could mix in hydrated verm with the colonized WBS and make a "rez" tek casing. They give you fruits like good dunked PF cakes, massive flushes but you only get one or two because the rez allows for fast nutrient uptake.

    Ill have some pics later.. i need a nap i got strep :( and i tried nutmeg yesterday so im still in a daze. The report is good on nutmeg its like the buzz after coming down from being stoned but its a bit tripy and last for about 20 hours. I had 3 heaping tablesppons at 1:00 pm. I didnt feel anything till 5-6:00 i was chilling wat\ching tv and i was zoned in badly and sounds changed a bit sometimes. Keep in mind i was sick so i could have been effected by that. I heard music in my head while tending to my plants and checking my shrooms. Later i was relaxing watching pine trees in blowing in violent gusts of wind at the end of the snowstorm we had and the branched beiding down and up looked like monsters punching and grabbing eachother. It wasnt a solid visualization but i could see figures. Then i went to sleep around 8:00 because i was sick. Today in shcool i was in a daze still, but that might have been because i was sick and not taking the medicine. I got home and my mom told me the dr called and i have strep and now im on strep meds.
  17. Sorry bout the strep man hope u feel better.
  18. damn that sux man, hope you feel better. i couldnt stomach the nutmeg, but a buddy of mine managed to get it down. he was really tore up, i remember him mostly laying around moaning in PAIN, lol. he said something like he felt like someone was taking a tap hammer to all his joints. i read that it does make you ache and the trip is so unpleasant (kinda what you described) that most people dont do it again. i know i wont, the smell of nutmeg makes me dry heave :)

    as far as spawning grain, i have never done it. i never went out and bought a pressure cooker. when i started growing, i thought that doing brf was pretty simple, plus it worked. now what i know is spawning adds a vital step in shroom production. with brf all nutrients were being used from basically the rice, so the shrooms prolly never really had that extra kick, although i have tripped pretty damn hard off of them. spawning the grain will allow you to use the grain to colonize manure, worm castings etc. giving you the real shit. yeah i know how the shrooms soak up the nutes from those nitrogen sources basically doubling the size of the shroom and the potency because of the absorbed nutes. my only problem is i need that damn pressure cooker. ill see how far i go with this shroom thing this round.
  19. Thanks, the nutmeg wasn't that bad to eat but it wasn't that good to be tripin.

    You don't need a PC. I use fractional sterilization boil for 45 min for 2-3 days in a row. The FAQ's say 3 but I've done only 2 times with no contams. I boil sterilize all my jars in a large round crab pot on an electric range in my basement. I can fit 8 bell quart jars and I put about 1" of water at the bottom. I have a timer hooked up to come on for one hour, allowing a 15 min warm up (I timed how long it takes to get to boil) then a 45 min boil then when I have the time I go down and shake the jars because the bottom grains get wet and cook a bit so it's a good idea to re distribute the moisture and cooked seeds so its an even substrate.

    1. Fill quart jars with 350ml of dry grain; use the measurements on the jar. You only need 350 ml since they expand allot.
    2. Fill with water almost to the top.
    3. Allow to soak for 12-24 hours shake after 6 or so hours if you can.
    4. Remove lid ring and drain using the flat caning lid to hold the grain in. I like to use small Rubbermaid containers to drain into that way I can collect any grain that falls out. Get most of the liquid out then put the lid back on loosely and put it into an empty Rubbermaid container allow it to drain for 5 min then tighten the lid and wrap aluminum foil over the jar.
    5. Load up your pot and bring to boil. Time how long it takes to get to boil then once it gets to boil take the warm up time add 45-60 min and set your timer. Repeat 1-2 times.
    6. Allow jars to cool then clean off a table get out your syringes, shot glass, and rubbing alcohol (for flame sterilizing the syringe tip). Put all your jars in a group on one side of the table and turn off all fans and give an hour for the dust to settle. Slowly walk into the room and one by one take a jar bring it in front of you lift up the foil, inoculate the jars through the one hole at the top shooing a small squirt tilting the syringe to point at each corner of the jar. Wrap foil back on top and place it on the other side of the table so you know what jars you inoculated.
    7. Put jars into incubator set at 84-86 F (or 29-30 C) allow 3-6 days to show growth then another 4-5 for colonization to grow to quarter sized groups then shake jars to re distribute the colonized grain to speed up the process.

    From there you can either put it onto a tray allow to recolonize then case with wet down verm/coir and get some shrooms. Use it to spawn using a 1:10 or numerically lower ratio onto pasteurized straw, worm castings, manure and get a shitload of shrooms or do a G2G in a glove box, glove bag, or a sterile, or at least mostly sterile room if your doing lots of jars for a bulk grow. G2G is the best method because it only takes 4-7 days to fully colonize.

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