Making Abv Cannaoil?

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  1. ok so its not as simple as it seems. i have a MFLB and i save the abv. i wanted to make oil with it, but i dont vape a lot so that would take forever. so my idea is, fill a pill bottle with olive oil, and then whenever a trough is cashed, dump it in. and slowly it would fill up untill there was no room left in the poll bottle. then i would strain it through a coffee filter, and keep using the oil over about three times. then make about 10 pill capsules with the oil. how potent do you think theyd be. it would be a whole quarter of abv (well a quarter before it was vaped) into 10 pills.
  2. Check out the edibles section.
    This subject is covered regularly.
    The big issue is your choice in oil (olive oil isn't the best choice) and the fact that you just want to steep it instead of cooking it.
    Effective capsules can be made from ABV, but there are better methods.
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    This is a real easy way to make abv oil.

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