Making a wooden bong.

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  1. I'm in the process of making a wooden bong, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could protect the wood from rotting.

    I've looked at some "food safe" wood sealants, used by salad bowl makers, but they all appear to have to be rubbed into the wood. I would like something I could submerge the unassembled parts into.
  2. I used unscented candle wax on my coconut and bamboo one
  3. i would use a hard wood. but that would be exspensive. try maple mahogany rose wood ect

  4. The only things i'm actually buying are the slide pieces and coconut. all the other materials will be from my backyard, i'll post pics of the progress lateron.

  5. does the wax just warm up and get soft when you hold it? also, i still want a woody texture to the bong with just a thin layer of sealer or something that will be absorbed into the wood.
  6. Not completely relevant, but this reminds me of in Dazed and Confused when the kid is making a bong in shop class...
  7. i am interested in the process good sir, would a water/heat resistant seal be available? that would pretty much be the 2 things compromising your safety right?
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    Heat, not such a big factor because the smoke that is cooled by the water is no where near hot enough to cause the wood to combust. Water protection, however is the main issue because i don't want the water soaking into the wood for a few reasons: the first being the fact that the water will soak into the wood, become skunky and rot the wood. I also do not want said water soaking into the wood tissue because the smelly bong-water smell would never come out without heavy cleaning.

    I've already made a a few rough prototypes, so when i get my technique down, i'll post pictures of the construction of the final product!

  9. Do you have experience using this and can attest to its sealing abilities on a smoking device, or know if this is a mineral oil?

    (I don't want to use a mineral oil because these are petroleum based.)
  10. exactly what i was thinking

  11. haha I hadn't thought of that but i'm glad that was brought up.

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