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Discussion in 'General' started by Auto Rock, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I got to thinking that I really would like to start up a website, one which will make some money. I don't need it to make LOTS of money but enough to make it worth it. I would like to make it something I am interested in but I am down to follow a certain market if need be. Of course I am at a stand still because I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have ideas as to which market I should aim for? Also where would I get started and how much would I be spending a month?

    Like I said above, I would like to go into a market that I know a lot about and am interested in such as skateboarding, clothes, or sports. Don't get me wrong though, I would even be willing to sell baskets if I could make a decent amount of money. I could put several hours into this website a week but I would rather it not take up my WHOLE week seeing as though I have a regular job and school. Could someone please help me out and maybe send me a website that can help me get started? Or could someone on here run me through the whole process? Thanks everyone.
  2. One word my friend, porn. You will be rich and might even end up like hugh hefner. Easy too, just have to take pics.:);) Or you could make a website that sells water pipes and other tabacco pieces and has a sweet forum. :smoke:
  3. i like the porn idea better..
  4. As much as I would love to do both they both carry extra baggage. Any other ideas maybe? Does anyone know sites that show where a lot of the e-market is going? Also maybe a place that stocks all the stuff I would be selling, so I wouldn't have to? If that is even possible.
  5. Really, if you are wanting to make money off an internet based business, you're going to need to dedicate quite a bit more than just a few hours out of the week. Otherwise, you're business can't help but fail. Can you do web design? You're going to need an attrative site, and all that jazz. Shit's going to cost you a bit of money at the start. Especially if you gotta hire a web designer.
  6. I actually didn't plan on using a web designer. I found a website that has tools to help you build your website, and advertise. I actually found it from a web designer and she said she was suprised at how well it works. It might suck, it might not, but I hope to just get started, make some money, and then invest that money back into the site. From there I will upgrade. I also said several hours a week, but I just can't dedicate the WHOLE week.

    By any chance do you know where the market is on the internet? Or could you answer any of my other questions?
  7. Hmm, I must admit I did like the porn Idea best but I can see that not being right for everyone. How much money are you looking to spend? I've thought about getting a tshirt press for like 1000 and starting a tshirt business on the net. If you can come up with some good idea's I could see you making a few bucks out of it.
  8. Internet market is everything. There is no "it thing". You just gotta have a product and advertise like your life depended on it and hope you get bought by gooogle.
  9. Don't get me wrong, the porn idea is good but not a business I would like to go into. Sure I could make a lot of money but there is something about it that I just don't like. I am not even sure how much I am willing to spend.... I don't want it to be anything crazy. I kind of want to get a business started where I don't mess with the inventory, I just list and sell. Of course those are the businesses you see on TV, which don't seem that reliable. At the same time I want to start a business that I can sell what I please, such as hobby type stuff. The only thing with that is, I don't know where to buy the stuff at or where to start and I am afraid that I won't ever have enough money to buy a lot in bulk. And finally I wouldn't mind getting involved in something I have no interest in but would sell a lot and is cheap. That way if I did have to buy in bulk, I could buy a lot and they would sell easy if my website was decently popular. So I am pretty much open to anything.

    The T-Shirt idea is really good but getting the 1000 dollars would be hard. I thought about starting an affiliate type business but that seems like it would take quite a while to sprout its wings. I also wouldn't mind doing certain things for business like setting them up with clients or crap like that... I don't know, that one is hard to explain.
  10. this may be right up your alley. then again, you get "middled" to quote the movie blow. You end up doing a little legwork and dont really make a whole lot doing it, but google this auto rock....

    drop shipping

    and read up on that shit, and learn it...sounds about what you're aiming for. my dad does that when he's bored, and makes decent money, but nothing crazy, just a little pocket change.

    there is a rough outline about what drop shipping is, do a little more research if you're interested.
  11. Sounds like what you really should do is drop ship on ebay. takes a lil effort, but it pays off in the long run.
  12. What I did, I started up a tech news blog, along with a forum. Google ads and selling it made me a bunch of money. I spent a total of 20 dollars and hundreds of hours into it. Made a couple grand on ad money, had a forum with 3-4000 members. And sold it for $1000

    very good idea on my part
  13. How would I go about getting started? It talked about scams and such and I would rather not get involved in that? Would I need to make a small website for this? How much money did your dad bring it for putting little effort into it? Thanks.
  14. 4 real man Porn is ur best bet. I used to webmaster about 20 porn sites and it amde the guys I was workn 4 nearly a mill a year. if u have ? on where to start pm me.. GL
  15. kranko u seroius? me and my girl were thinking about doing that like amature shit i got a camera im 18 she will be soon and i look like im prob 15 so mad sickos would prob watch it thinking i was a kid hahah pretty disgusting but w/e how would i go aobut setting that up pm me please
  16. link removed haha

    ...drop shipping has always caught my interest, just never looked too deep into it, moms friend does it, but she dont have a website...
  17. I really don't know his exact numbers so i can't say. nothing really crazy tho, my dad does in on the side of his real job so he can't devote real time to it, but i bet it still wouldn't be enough to pay the bills.

    Scams, etc you dont have to worry about, just make sure you find a reputable drop shipper and you wont have too many problems. Every now and then we'd have a customer complain, but it was pretty rare, though....not fun at all to deal with. cuz you're basically the middle man and have to put up with the end users shit. most of it is cheapo, made in china, powertools, etc. so when some cheap ass piece of plastic breaks, you'll hear about it, most likely.
  18. porn? man you better know how to advertise real good if you wanna do the porn shit. there is billions of porn sites and you have to know how to get your shit up in the top 10, 20, 30, on the search engines or your site wont make a dime. plus you gotta make a really different? porn site, that will catch attention...not just another cumshot website lol.
  19. Beastiality? Thats unique.

    LOL :smoking:
  20. create a porn site with "THE KING" from Burger King fucking a milf with a burger in one hand and a bong in the other.

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