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Making a stand

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by minntoker, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. I am gonna go out on a limb and say something that may piss some people off. I THINK METALS ARE THE BEST TO SMOKE OUT OF. I like them because they are damn near impossible to break and they're easy to clean. What do you think?
  2. i think your smoking crack not weed...jk

    i prefer glass becasue i dont like the taste of metal when i'm smoking. and i've never seen a metal on metal roor.
  3. Glass does taste alot better, but to me it doesn't matter how it tastes. To me, what matters is how high you get of the weed.

  4. Ok. But if glass gets you just as high dont you want something that looks nicer, taste better, and is probably healthier?

    And, glass is cooler because they all look atleast slightly different from each other.
  5. And there's so much sentimental value to the pipe if it's glass. You just don't get that with metal..
  6. I do have a glass piece that i bought 2 weeks ago, but i still use my metal piece more often cause i don't wanna break my glass piece.
  7. Man anything glass is good. If it's thick enough it never gets hot. Can't say that with metal. 2 hits and you have to wait for it to cool down. I like glass better than anything. Bongs and Hookahs are the shit along with side-cars, spoons,hammers, and all other types of glass bowl. Plus glass can be put into so many cool shapes and colors you can't get with metal.
  8. I gotta go with glass here too.. It tastes better, and gives better hits. Also easier to clean, in my opinion. I have a couple glass pieces, so when one needs cleaning, just let it soak for a couple days, shaking once in a while. It gets them looking great. ;)

  9. IMHO,

    EVERY piece has it up n downs...
    metal, neverbreakin, tight slim size, is nice, for the OCCASSION...
    every piece has its occasion..
    preference, then, is different...

  10. btw, whatever you smoke out of, shouldnt (wouldnt!) piss anyone off :D imho, everyone has their own! :D

  11. I used to enjoy metals, because that's all I ever used for about a year. Acrylic pipes with metal bowls are alright (doesn't really taste bad at all), but it's not unbreakable, especially when a friends pissed off 'rent hurls it into a wall and cause it to shatter into unrecognizable pieces of sharp plastic. It wasn't until I bought my first glass piece that lasted me an entire year, that I discovered how easy they are to care for. I cleaned it every week, and with each bag I could actually taste how good the weed was. I actually found the metal threads inside pipes harder to clean, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with a metal bowlhead. Some bongs work greatly with them; for example: porcelain bongs and acryl steamrollers. I don't enjoy them on pipes that much anymore, but in groups, it's almost required to have a metal pipe because pipes tend to get dropped a lot when being constantly passed. But that first glass pipe? A lot of people passed it around, and I was sad to see it break..due to my own clumsy error and not my friends... :(
  12. The taste metal gives off is extremely exaggerated by smokers. It is hardly present at all. You aren't turning the metal into smoke, you're turning the weed into smoke!
  13. One thing aobut metal peices.....After you smoke out of it for a 5 hits or so, the resin turn to a liqiud form all that heat, then you inhale that shit...Ugh.

  14. Smoke is smoke, as long as you're not inhaling the liquid you're fine.
  15. if you want something that wont break easily then what about stone pieces?

  16. also glass is cooler (literially) because glass doesnt conduct heat as fast as most metals...
  17. "3 long glorious years was slow motion when i saw her leaving my hands, flippin over and over, falling so slowly but surely to a known and expected fate. i could only reach out and grab at air, as she and shifted directions from my futile effort to save her from that heart renching fate. she shattered into a thousand pieces on the garage floor. i fell to my knee's and stared in disbelief, a numbing feeling coming over me. and then uncontrollable shaking. a howl of rage and a defient shake of the fist at god as i screamed ...why god? why have you taken her from me!!! i bent down, thinkin the events that had just transpired and wondering what i could have done different. it came to me clear. i shoulda taken metal :)

    i love my glass dont get me wrong, for one, gettin stoned is important, but also being able to taste it is the treat for me. metal doesnt afford me that luxury
  18. As I have posted before, I love the metal hand pipe the best.
    So don't worry, you're not alone.
  19. if there were two pipes, one glass and one metal in exactly the same shape and i was blindfolded and someone held up the pipe for me to smoke, i coudn't tell you what had a better taste. i seriously don't see why people say metal tastes bad. maybe if you use zippos or jet lighters then sure. i like both but the hot rocks part i really hate. i can save more weed through a metal piece and be high just the same

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