Making a SCROG in a tent?

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  1. Whats up blades.

    I just purchased a 48x48x80 tent and have had prior success with the screen method of lst.

    Anyone have any DIY or cheap methods to secure some kind of trellis netting to the inside of the tent?

    I figured i could make some kind of pvc frame like i did before but id like to do something a little less time consuming. Any suggestions?
  2. Break your grow into sections. Measure and make a frame out of wood. LIke 1"x1" wood. Then when you have your square or rectangle, you want to put a small nail every 2 inches on each side. You will wrap the string around each nail once and weave around.

    This way, when your scrogg is finished, you cut a few strings, and viola. Easy, clean, works great. Just remember to weave.

  3. That sounds like more work than pvc lol i was hoping maybe there were some kind of solution already made for this

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  4. It's a little bit of work, but the best part is, it works grow after grow. Don't know if you have every tried to get your plants out of a good scrog but a it can be a pain... Cutting a string and restringing takes a few minutes.

  5. Like i said I've done the pvc frame method with some cooking string woven, worked great. Was hoping they made some kind of clip for the tent or something but if thise are my only options, oh well.


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    Making a PVC frame isn't much work at all. 15-20minutes for a 4x4 max. 5 minutes to measure up the frame, 10 minutes to string it. 5 minutes for hiccups. I use self tapping screws to attach the net. Use some fencing if that's too much time. There's also trellis nets already made you can buy.
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  7. This really is an easy method. A decent wood frame, ball of hemp twine, screws every 2 inches to form a grid. Takes all of 2 minutes to restring.

    If you can find some wire fence with 2" squares that would be good too.
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    Don't cut the strings and you won't have to restring. Even if its all knotted up you can still get them out if you keep it clean from the net down.
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  9. Shit happens.
  10. Shit does happen. I've accidentally cut mine but its unnecessary.

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  11. Cutting not cutting, a few minutes, a little string, no worries. Just in case shit happens..

  12. I make little strips of duct tspe and pull the net real tight and tape it right where I want. Duct tape is always super easy to remove if you just put it on straight. This is how this one turned out.

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  13. Did you find mold was ever an issue with the duct tape?

    I feel like tape residue + moisture = mold
  14. Alcohol works wonders for tape residue.
  15. Not sure if you're still looking for something, but saw this on the web the other day. Maybe you had something like this in mind? (Quick/Easy)
  16. Thanks, i built a pvc frame for the net and fit it inside the tent.

    Those are cool,but not $75/each cool
  17. I make my screens with long wooden rulers you find at the hardware store, wood glue and string. I make a frame with glue and drill tony holes into it every 1.5-2in. Feed the strings through the holes (adding tape to the end of the string helps). I also tie off the string every once in a while so the whole net isn't bound by a single point of tension (stringing in sections). That way if something fails I don't have to re-string the entire thing. Cost is very cheap.
  18. wow that's not a bad idea! For next time, I can drill two holes into the ends of the ruler, and zip tie them them to the poles holding the tent up, so I can move it up and down.

    Probably save me 5 minutes of measuring where to drill holes too lol
  19. I have always wanted to try scrog, but have found that yarn on a clothes pin is my best friend. I LST, and tie unto itself, clipping clothespin onto bucket.....after stretch, I usually have a nice even canopy. I then start the process of uncliping clothespins and recliping up high to hold the buds up. At Harvest, I cut the yarn at the branch, and reuse next time. Maybe one day I will try it, but this is so easy for me.

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