making a new veg box

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by thevines2, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. need a larger veg box atm for a project

    space im working with

    14inch wide x 16 inch deep x 3 feet tall

    anyone got ideas of what i can fit in this space

    trying to keep it stealth so if someone sees it from outside they wont think twice.

    trying to find a tote or speaker maybe? anyone got any ideas?
  2. There are as many ways to do this as you can think. Look on craigslist for some dressers or cabinets that you could gut. Perhaps a 4 tier metal filing cabinet. Keep looking in the local paper and yard sales and stuff if you cant build one. You may be able to score something cheap and relatively perfect for what your trying to do. I just basically built a box for mine but no one comes in my room anyway so no worries about stealth. Good luck keep us updated love building projects.

  3. thats what i have been doing and hitting thrift stores

    no luck yet

    but ive been seriously considering the filing cabinet for a week or 2 now
  4. I made a small veg cab out of one. It was very hard to work with. Cutting metal not fun to me. I put mine on wheels as well. I think a tall one with a door cut in the side would be easier than making one long sliding drawer as well. Be patient something nice will pop up.

  5. oh i am but i only got a week or 2 left til i need it done =p

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