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  1. today i purchased the organic promix in the yellow pack 2 cubic ft plus a bag of compost manure, vermiculite, perlite, Earth worm castings, bonemeal and thats it what else should i toss in the mix i have a tarp and i am going to take advantage of this nice weather and mix it all and put it in bins until i transplant in a few week i also have a ton of my old soil i was going to incorporate it is full of roots or should i not bother just asking opinions i want to just be able to water until flower
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  2. i dont bother with taking out roots because those are firstly microbial innoculants in a sense if they are fresh and secondly they are microbe food as they decompose. if you have all these amendments in quality, that is enough to grow healthy happy plants ime.

    if you really want to add something you can add some wheat bran, oat flour, malted barley etc, some grains which will both have fungal and bacterial population on them and will feed the population already in the soil.

    i also like adding some natural stones which will very slowly leach minerals into the soil. lava stones are rich in iron for example and basalt dust is good for silica and stuff. just go as close to dust or sand sized particles as possible.

    also some activated charcoal or bio-char is always useful in keeping your soil alive. charge them first in nutrient rich solution for days or even weeks.

    oh and compost, manure and ewc is usually low on P so some bird shit may help you balance that out. bat guano or bird shit.
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  3. bat guano is what i used to use i will see if amazon can get me some quick
  4. dont be in a rush you can get some in dust form and add before you transplant none of these stuff you mentioned needs to be “cooked” because they are not hot. bone meal will just take a long time to breakdown so reuse your medium.
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  5. Roots are an annoyance, but as you just started with your own mix, check out YT for some KNF Korean natural farming, rule number 1: keep the roots in the mix .lolol
    ..tho I do chop them up
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  6. If you grind the malted barley right before you add it in, the enzymes will be better:)
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  7. the price of bat guano has gone insane since legalization lol 25 bucks for a small bag i used to get 10 pounds for like 10 bucks
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  8. Found this at a bin sale looks ok to use a little I am mixing up 50 gallons of soil has anyone seen this before IMG_20230302_103250966.jpg IMG_20230302_103240715_HDR.jpg IMG_20230302_103229027_HDR.jpg IMG_20230302_103301785.jpg
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  9. yeah so you can look for alternatives like seabird guano too. i just aim for 1-1-1 npk ratio when mixing.

    yeah it seems good, i mean just this bag and high quality ewc alone can grow beautiful plants. you dont have to make it too complicated for your first time.
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