Making a homemade chillum

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  1. Would anyone have any idea on how to make one that could last atleast a few sessions?

    Any advice/tutorial/guides would be very appreciated.
  2. use one of those stainless steel pens
    and disassemble it, and use the pen tip as the bowl
    and the pens like zebra are 100% safe to smoke out of
  3. Yea like 420 said, those zebra pens are basically a bat disguised as a pencil. I will admit the bowl is lacking size but its great.
  4. true ive seen it done and am told it works great. if your in college in easy access to a chem lab find a large bulb type pipette. the bulb part makes a nice bowl and you just have to break out and clean the needle end. its soft glass so i heated one end on a bunsin burner and stretched it out to make a nice bowl.
  5. A carrot. Good chillum.
  6. Thanks for the responses and the help guys! I'll be getting my hands on a few of those mechanical pencils tomorrow and make it.

    Thanks again!
  7. Make a steamroller out of tin foil.
  8. what ahout a wheel lock?? it works
  9. go with carrot, easy, and its like a motherfucker. also tastes great.
  10. take 15 dollars go buy a cheap spoon or like 5 dollars cheap chillum or sneak a toke simple as that
  11. use a wheel lock !!!
  12. imo buying a piece its way worth it for the 20-40$ you spend on a chil/bowl

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