Making a grow room on a budget

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  1. I would like to assemble a grow room for about 3 plants and i will have the room in my bedroom so we can sleep together.. lol.. NE way I am working with a budget of approx $300 can this be dont.

    I wont need mylar or any reflective equipment because im getting a grow tent.. a small one 32x32x76.. That SHOULD hold 3 plants right...?

    So aside from my grow tent.. how can i make this happen.. I hear alot of do it yourselfers saying its vety cheap to make one.. So can someone plz help.. guide me thru the pro
    cess.. ill take any suggestions.. should I DIRT or HYDRO Grow... I was thinking start hydro?:wave::wave::D:D help me out ppl.. my life depends on it..;)
  2. well if its your first grow you should do soil but if you have experience go Hyrdro ! yes that tent should hold 3 plants, because of your low budget you should buy CFL's because a good lighting system would cost around 300$ and then you'll need fans and such , so go with CFL's make sure you get the proper color (6500K for vegging and 2700K for flowering)
    also buy a fan to exchange the air in the grow tent and also to keep it cool inside.
    hope i helped , if anything just ask
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    Now when I get cfl lighting does the watts matter at all or do I just make sure I get 6500k and 2700k regardless of what the watts...?

  4. You always have to check for the watts also , you have to check for the "actual watts" I'm not sure how much watts you need per plant right now I think its a little bit more than 100watts pp but just make a quick google search to find out I'm now on my cellphone so its hard to check.
  5. The general rule thats floating around is 100 watts of cfl for the first plant an 50w per plant there after. Remember with cfl its the "actual watts" not the "replacment watts" thats on the front of the package that matter.
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    Sooo 300 wats will be good fora good 3 plants as long as I adjust the lighting as it grows..?

  7. 300 actual watts ? FOR SURE !
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    I haven't seen it yet if I go the cfl light route it's a 315 watt light setup actually..
    It's on the stealth hydro website

  9. just saw it , looks good but a little pricey i think
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    Really..... Damn I thought that was good.. It was either that or get a 400 watt light and get some gallon buckets and do Tha deep water culture bubbleponic route.. Seen I could do pretty big plants that way n it's cheap around $40 each bucket setup..

    Or is dirt even cheaper.. For some reason I'm scared to start dirt.. It seems like I'd be harder
  11. well people say that hydroponics is harder but i personally like hydroponics better but i do have more experience with hydroponics with other plants so yeah , but if you get a good ppm/ph meter and take time for hydro than go that way (Y)
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    I kno wat ph is but what's ppm.. N yes I plan on learning as I go... Ima get a book on growing and the hydroponic setup coes with a cd rom... Lol double bonus ha.. U think that will be enough
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    Well Through the internet you learn alot also ! Send me a pm and i can help you throughout your learning phase :p ppm means "part per milion" witch is how we meassure the nutrients in the water
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    Ohhh ok gotcha... I was looking at the fox farm feeding schedule and it said ppm but I didn't fully understand it all just yet.. And cool I'll def hit u up man soon as I buy my stuff or fully decide what to buy.. And what kind of hydroponic setup do u have.. U got ne pics..?

  15. No man unfortunately i cant take pics now due to conditions , but i could in a few days , when you pm i could send you via pm of email (y)
  16. I would go with a used 400w Hps, they go for around 100-150 with a bulb another option would be a mh and Hps switchable ballast

    as far as soil or hydro, go with hydro I'm doing a soil grow with one deep water culture(DWC) witch is basically just a fish tank bubble rock(2$) in the nutrient solution and the roots just grow in the water, dirt is a mess and you don't know what's going on in it, it's also alot harder to stop nutrition burn once the nutes are in the soil, with dwc it's just a matter of diluting your solution untill you get the correct ppm
  17. So I had another idea saves money.. I will just get a
    400watt hps light with wing reflector aground max bulbs..
    With a 36x23x63 size grow tent small...
    How many plants will I fit... I want constant growth at a for accelerated pace but don't wanna lose potency..
    What should I do.. I will be using the adv nuts micro grow bloom series.. I was told I only need 2 of the 3..
    Part of the logans theory.. I'm not sure I have to look it up... Does anyone know what I'm talking about...? Plz help
  18. i started with hydro, is to much of a mess man, i ended up killing 20 good plants... im on soil now and they are so beautiful
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    You ended up killing 20 plants how did that happen... I hear all I need to really focus on is my ph level and my nutrient levels to be successful..
  20. My opinion....go soil. I have a DR90 3x3x6 and it fit 3-4 full size plants nicely...check out my set up of my current grow in my sig. you can get a nice 400 MH/HPS [ame=""]here[/ame] and a nice fan on amazon also...& If ur gonna keep it in your bed room go for a vortex, there pretty quiet .Trust me...on my first grow i spent triple the amount of money i should have trying to make DIY things, only to have to get the real deal in the end.....

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