Making A Grow Room And Confused

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by azmmj480, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Wuz up fellow growers!! So I'm building my first official grow room this weekend that's 12'x7' and 10' tall. It'll be in my garage, right where I would walk out from the house(btw: my room is on the other side of door). The only way in would be the door that I mentioned earlier. I basically just need to build two walls that will fit flush with each other, the ceiling & floor, and the walls of the house. I am going to built the walls from 2x4s, insulation & sheetrock or whatever people make the walls inside the house of. SETUP: 600(MH/HPS), airtight 6" hood, 2'x4' T5, 6" inline, & 4" blower. I have a wall ac unit@6000btu and idk where/how to put it in. I was thinking of cutting the wall out to the exact size, slide it in & silicone it. With a 6" inline running will it harm the ac unit if I have it on the wall? Also I was thinking of putting in a 5' wall in making a 4' veg n 8' flower?? Before this I've been using a 4'x4' tent! Of of course there are other upgrades I'm wanting to experiment with hydroponics dwc... but this is the main think right now! If anyone can explain to me some proper setups for grow rooms n some suggestions on improvements, even criticism is cool! Just let me know wuz up please!!!

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