Making a Gravity Bong?

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  1. Well, I have a piece, and its pretty much all I've used.
    However, getting some good shit is getting pricey lately.
    So I'm getting the idea in my head that building a gravity bong is a good idea.
    I love Sobe, and I read on here that they make great GB's.
    now, what do I need for a bowl up top?
    I read that BC Chillum thing, which looked iffy.
    Anything simple that I can use?
    Any help is greatly appreicated.
    If I missed a thread earlier on this, could someone just link it?
  2. make a bowl out of the cap and tinfoil.
  3. Ok me and my friends use this all the time in the dorms lets out virtually no smoke and works amazing. Sobe bottles have a little weak spot at the bottom of them where the glass gets thin and your able to poke a hole through it. Poke a hole with a screwdriver and hammer or something, then poke a bunch of holes in the top of the cap and your good to go. Just fill it up with watter by plugging the hole with your finger, put your herb on the top of the cap, then when you let the water out it will suck air through the holes in the cap making all the smoke be trapped inside. Only thing is you neeed a lot of water because you have constantly fill up the bottle.
  4. alright, sick, we got sinks in the rooms here @ the U
    so i'm good to go on the water.
    So I just flip the cap upsidedown and then poke some holes in it?
    or keep the cap on and put a little aluminimum foil over top to make a bowl?
  5. Ya just poke holes in it with a needle or something, there are these plastic things on the caps though that you have to remove that are kind of a pain in the ass but its not bad. Also sometimes the bottles just completely shatter and it might take a few times to get the hole just right. I also have a bucket so you can do it right next to the window.
  6. Sobe bottle not bad, but I would use something else instead. 2L pitcher, 2L soda bottle with bottom cut off, small socket piece put to the top and oila.

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