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making a dose for a freind

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Reo, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone.....I got this friend. That every once in awhile I share some edibles with him. Problem being I get fucked up and he just "slightly feels it".

    The edibles are made at .75grams so I'm asking your guys opinions on how much I should raise the does by? I was thinking 1.5grams ...good bad?
  2. what exactly are you making? brownies? fire crackers?
  3. Edibles in general. But mostly fire cracker type recipes
  4. well 1.5 for each fire cracker should be good, but u can always do more just to make sure :bongin:  and things like brownies, id use at least a quarter per batch depending on how big/how much ur making..... The more the merrier! :smoking:
  5. Ya going to do mango an peach mini tarts...going to aim for 1gr for myself and 1.7gr for the other guy...hope it will work for him
  6. 2 grams of reclaim would be a good amount for him
  7. If you up it to a gram per edible you should be all dialed in, especially if you're making recipes similar to firecrackers where you just bake the ground weed in with it.
    Either way, the best of luck to you, hopefully you pack a nice punch for your friend haha ;)

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