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making a custom bong: craft project!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by ragnar_wagnar, Feb 9, 2010.

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    i plan to make a bong for my bf as a late vday gift and i need help putting together my idea

    i dont have the money to request a custom piece (and even then my idea is very specific so unless i personally take glass blowing classes and make it myself i dont think the finished product would be what i wanted) but i also want it to be better quality than just a converted plastic bottle. something that he can show off. long story short i want to make him a Yoshi bong

    i can sort of figure out a basic construction (i make my own ghetto bare-minimum bongs from time to time) but i don't want to make it out of tin foil and straws. my problem is finding good materials to make the actual Yoshi part of the bong. things that are generally heat-resistant and durable (so no syrofoam etc, electrical tape and stuff is ok)

    I'm thinking....


    The bowl will be in his tail, allowing smoke to travel through his body (with a clear/translucent stomach to see smoke?) and finally up through the mouthpiece which will be the top of his head. I'm also thinking about making a "lid" for the top of his head so Yoshi doesn't just have a giant hole drilled into his skull.

    I don't even know how I'm going to put together Yoshi's parts (like arms, legs, etc)

    Could i arrange bottles in a Yoshi-fashion as a skeleton base and then start putting more sophisticated details? Then that raises the question of do i paint it, what materials do i use for it etc etc

    My idea so far:
    I have no idea what to put in his stomach. I don't want to just connect the bowl to the cylinder with rubber tubing because i really like the idea of being able to see smoke collect in yoshi's tummy. Help help help >_<

    I'm afraid I'm being just a little more ambitious than what is actually possible. At least...within my range of skill. please >_<
  2. please search 'home made' or 'homemade'

    a million topics will come up, they're probably all good
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    being a guy i personaly think thats a awful gift. hes going to have to keep it kicking around his house since hed know youd feel bad if he ditched it. hed much rather a 40 doller bubler or something id imagine.
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    so i found a few helpful threads but they generally seem to say to stay away from pvc or plastic. which...severely limits my options.

    that being said i have a few questions:

    1. assuming i decide to use glass, how would one bond together separate glass pieces? i dont have a torch........

    2. im thinking about creating a wooden yoshi frame out of balsa wood. do you think the heat from smoking would fuck up the wood? (balsa being of course soft and light as shit) perhaps a stronger type of wood for a sturdier frame?

    3. paper mache-ing the rest of the yoshi is probably a stupid idea given the amount of heat it'll be exposed to............. right?

    4. really, what's wrong with pvc or plastic? if the bowl is made of glass (and i plan to go to headshops and look around), shouldn't it be safe? it's only smoke that will travel through the pvc/plastic and that's not hot enough to do anything serious is it?
  5. truth
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    amen to that

    edit: you would be better off getting him a simple GonG, even if it's china due to price reasons, and then get one of those kits where you can frost glass yourself. Then frost a custom yoshi picture onto the glass.
  7. ok i have to lulz @ these posts because this is basically the same thing as a guy giving his girlfriend something he made (like a handmade.. something or some shit) and the girl going "fuck you. i wanted a diamond ring." lmao

    also seriously someone answer my questions because if he doesn't want it, i'm gonna keep it and use it myself.
  8. happens more than you would like to think, haha

    I was just pointing out that to make what you want, with no skill beyond making ghetto homemades, with random parts you get from the store, it more than likely won't turn out how you want.

    good luck though, post some pics if the yoshi bong comes to fruition :smoking:
  9. lol well.... thats just... messed up

    but yeah, i get what you're saying and i know it won't be as great as i'm imagining it in my head... but i still want to try it if for nothing else then to have accomplished something cool

    i dont want to rush this, hence all the questions. i also plan to ask headshops/hardware stores for advice

    this bong might take some time (a month?)... but i hope to actually go through with it and yeah ill post pics as i go along if youre interested.

  10. just a opinion. dont know if it aplies to him or not. he might like a painting or something also all stoners apreciate soem form of art:p

  11. LINK ME UP! i wanna try that does it look half ass?
  12. Don't have a link, just google it. It looks as good as you can cut the design out of a vinyl sticker with an exacto knife. The demo pic I saw was of a smiley face it looked pretty tight.
  13. Are you dead stuck on the Yoshi theme?

    I would buy a 14.5mm glass on glass downstem (diffused if you have the money) and bowl piece, don't just get a grommet bowl. Glass on glass will hit so much better. To make the glass stem and bowl fit air tight and perfect go to the hardware store and buy a 1/2" PVC Adapter, a 14.5mm stem fits perfect in it. Just make a hole and glue the PVC adapter into place where ever you want it.

    As far as PVC and plastic is concerned if the smoke passes through water before ever touching any PVC or plastic then it should be fine because the smoke will be well below the melting point unless you have some super shitty plastic with a really low melting point.

    The Yoshi idea sounds cool i'm just having a hard time seeing it come together. But i would maybe turn it into a large bubbler and make the the hose that you smoke through come out of Yoshi's mouth and it could be like his tongue.

    Good luck, post pictures when your done.
  14. ok, so here's how I'd do it. First some steps/general idea and then some pics and more detail.

    1. Create the insides of the bong first (make it functional and complete, even w/o a yoshi outside to it)
    2. After you've made a "skeleton," use chicken wire or metal mesh to create the general shell which you'll be laying the "skin" on
    3. The skin can be fiberglass, clay, paper mache, plaster. Whatever you feel most comfortable with, go ahead and lay this on and create the shape.
    4. Sand and paint. (add a clear coat after paint)
    5. Test it :p

    -So basically, The first pic is my first rough idea of the whole thing
    -And the second is a more detailed look at the insides of it, the actual bong
    -And the third is how the bong would fit the yoshi shape (with some adjustments)

    The only things you'd need to pic up from a head shop would be the stem/bowl, the rubber tubing and whatnot can be found at a hardware store (The tube that goes into the bottle I'd cap it and then drill holes in it to diffuse it). Any part of it that isnt touching heat can be hotglued together.

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  15. Wow. I can't believe some of the assholes in this thread. Personally, if my GF made me a yoshi bong I'd keep it forver just because it would be sick as hell (if done properly). Instead of a $40 bubbler (which he may already have, or could buy anywhere) he would be getting a custom-made, unqiue gift from the heart.

    Some people....

    P.S. I'd suggest exactly what banana_slug said. make a fully functional skeleton and work around that. Keep me posted on updates :)
  16. I think if you are putting a lot of effort, that's a pretty good gift imho...

    Even if he couldn't use it that would still kick ass, I love Yoshi.
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    hey! people responded! yay!

    anyways ive started drawing up a schematic on graph paper. im thinking this is gonna be around 12'' tall when i'm done with everything. unless that's too tall?

    my design is basically like this, with a simple wooden frame (again balsa wood?) to support the bottle (which is at a 53 degree angle lulz trigonometry) and mesh wire (on top of which will lay the skin)

    [​IMG] looks better on graph paper. i have dimensions generally planned out though i'm gonna first play around with a popsickle stick frame before making the final frame. i'm stuck on this wood-frame idea because i feel using only mesh to cocoon the bong seems too fragile i donno

    though i might modify this based off of banana_slug's design. i really like this idea of smoking through yoshi's mouth. it's like you're shotgunning with him! or ... making out? o_O

    also @ Kalec: 14.5mm into 1/2 inch pvc adapter... is this what youve done with your homemades? like this one?

    edit edit:
    possible redesign based off the ideas in this thread. the bottle is upright, as opposed to at an angle. probably still use some sort of wooden or thin wire frame to support everything. although now i'd have to find the proper pvc pipes and redo measurements >_<

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