Making a bowl?

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  1. Me and a buddy are building a bong and we just need a bowl now. What should we use? Is tin foil safe? Or is that unhealthy like smoking out of a can? Any suggestions?
  2. Tin foil= no
    Use a small socket (from a socket wrench btw) that fits with whatever you're using as a downstem.
    I found a marker tube and the socket fits with a perfect air tight seal ;)
  3. Or a trumpet mouthpiece if you happen to have one lying around
  4. There have been a lot of threads about bong making recently.

    I picked up this resource from one of them:

    420 Armory

    I hope this helps.
  5. I wouldn't use tin foil unless I literally had to... I would just use a socket from a socket wrench set, the cheapest I've seen for like 12 of them is ~~7$ or so, or you could go to a headshop and just buy a real bowl

    but usually I fuck with the sockets
  6. ^^ i wouldnt use tin foil at all haha had someone offer me weed in a tin foil bowl and i was like hell no lol. i smoked out of a coke can 1 time just to try it didnt like it wont do it again.
  7. I know it's ghetto as fuck, I mean I do have glass to smoke out of, but when I feel like making a gravity bong I use these little things




    You can get em from hardware stores
    Justsay you need it for your workshop class.
    Ask for "F- plug for RG-6 twist on type"
    I think they're the end thing for the cables for the tv.

    Basically just make a whole on the cap of the water bottle, cut of the bottom of the bottle and you've got yourself a gravity bong
  8. Guitar strap button
  9. I've never made one, but I bought a really cheap metal pipe just for the bowl. It screws onto my acrylic bong nicely, and I've used it for a soda gravity before. It was worth it....My pipe was like fifteen bucks, but they had other, tinier ones for about seven dollars at MLH.
    I think your best bet is going to be an end to a TV cable, if you don't want to buy a bowl. I personally feel better smoking out of an actual bowl, and have been wanting to buy a glass one for my grav bong, if that's possible...
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  11. hoooly shit haha I use those exact same things! they do the job just fine and are nice and cheap easy to get but the only problem is they are too small :(
  12. This actually a vaporizer. I built this for about 25 bucks. Kinda combined and improved on some other ones that are out there on the "How To" internet.

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