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Making a bong with a gatorade bottle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Dylan102, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Ok well this is my first attempt at making a bong I've been using cans as pipes for the last while I've been smoking and used blunts 2 times but i really want a bong especially since I came across this HUGE gatorade bottle i made a bowl tonight and i think i could burn a hole in the side of this bottle or something idk if i need a carb or not i would appreciate someone letting me know..here it is(Sorry these pictures are such shit quality took them with my laptop webcam) But uh please help if you can i'll show you a better view of the bottle if you need it let me know please and thank you in advance to anyone who helps out :D

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  2. Also,do i put the foil all the way into the water or just like..let it hover about it ? do I need a longer bowl? Help please.
  3. vv just put foil on the bowl make a few holes


  4. Really? My friend was telling me that and like..He said the flame couldn't get the aluminum hot enough to turn into vapor for you to inhale so i was fine like after he had told me not to because it caused Alzheimers

  5. very very helpful picture..I think it will work getting a Qoz in a couple days so i'll test it then is there something else i can just like test it out with?

  6. Tea? Other assorted spices?
  7. Smoking plastic + aluminum = bad.

  8. 5 or 6 times ok?
  9. Why can't you just go spend $15-$30 on a pipe/small bong lol?
    :confused: Shit's not good for you man..
  10. Damn son novelty pieces are cool and all but at lease use metal instead of that foil shit. Go buy yourself a nice pipe of a bubbler for <$40 and call it a day.
  11. just make a gravity bong
  12. Used to do this in highschool :p

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