making a bong any ideas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by sven, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. heyy ppl im looking around for bongs.
    i wanna built or make a bong with watever , if youse have ideas/pics

    thankss :)
  2. make a bucket!!
  3. Being that you consider this a "Global" question, maybe you should use a globe?
    (Or try the appropriate area for posting this question.) ;)
    no. :D
  5. Get a diamond tip drill bit, and 'recycle' some glass bottles.
    Add a glass downstem with a rubber grommet (available at a lot of head shops for $10 or so), or get creative and make your own :smoke:
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    Fluorescent Tube Guard, 8' or what ever the lenght you like. I used a bath plug at the end of the tube, it was perfect fit!
    It take some time to fill it up with weed smoke tho :p
  7. You can't even use an internet forum, how the fuck are you going to make a bong......
  8. who bumped the 5 yo, pointless thread
    :poke: @[member="sven"] w2g
  9. The OP.
  10. didn't even realize :laughing:
    damn wake n bake :hippie:
  11. Is OP still trying to make a bong or did you figure out by now?

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