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    My friend and I are planning to move from our small south-eastern Alabama town upon our graduation of high-school. As of now our plan is to head west to California. I myself want to move there for many reasons. A few being the relaxed marijuana laws, the weather, the city life, as well as the beautiful people. The only problem is, I don't know where in California to go. There are just so many great options. I hate to sound racist but I come from a "ghetto" infested area. I don't live in the ghetto myself but sometimes it leaks into my neighborhood. We want to be in a nice, friendly, pot smoking community. So what i'm getting at is; where in California should I go? If possible somewhere that has slightly cooler temperatures as well. If you guys could help me out or just give me heads up on what to look out for once there that would be great :D

    Thanks and keep it cloudy.
  2. How about going to college and getting a degree instead of being another drop-out with a shitty job perpetuating the lazy-stoner stereotype?
  3. College is so fucking overrated.
    Coming from someone who wasted 6 years at college.

    I'm a firm believer, in doing what makes you happy, even if you just barely get by. As long as you got a place to sleep, water, some food in the fridge, some weed to smoke and some friends to keep you company, thats a good life to me.
  4. How could you waste 6 years at college? Unless it was some shitty, shitty no-name college, or you didn't pass any classes, a degree goes a long way in getting a high paying job instead of an hourly bullshit job where you barely skid by.
  5. Well I do plan to go to college actually, I just didn't include that part. If possible i'll be going to USA college in Alabama for a degree in bio medical engineering.
  6. So you're taking a year off I'm guessing before college?

    You really should go to college as soon as you can. You will have a better chance at a better life.
  7. Of course, I don't want to get to California and not be able to enjoy it because i'm broke. I mean, yes i'm a stoner and i'm proud of it, but I don't want to be a stereotypical pot smoker. I want to show people that you can smoke weed and be a smart successful person at the same time
  8. For some people its not about money. I would rather be happy and just barely skid by than hate going into work every single day, like I do.

    I went to Buffalo school of pharmacy.
  9. Huntington Beach is pretty dope if I must say so myself.
  10. If you want cooler temperatures maybe try Washington or Oregon?
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    Might take you awhile to get there...


    Maybe hold off on moving to California until you figure out a more efficient route. ;)
  12. That's why you get a degree in a field you like, not something that you don't enjoy.
  13. You have much bigger things to worry about, like finding a ship and crew that's heading East for California.
    Or you could just travel West to Oregon :smoke:
  14. I do enjoy what I do. I just would have liked to have done something different. I would have liked to be a writer or a painter. Something to do with the arts, but I traded all that away so I could make a lot of money. I sold my soul when I know now that I would have been equally happy, being a poor bloke selling his artwork on a beach or pier in California.

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