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Making A Better Oil Pen (PICS INCLUDED)

Discussion in 'E-Cigarettes' started by WaxPayne, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Author's Note: Before reading this understand that this pen is for use solely with oils and concentrates and NOT Flowers. The pen has been designed for oils and heavy concentrates like honeycomb

    Hello blades! Recently I've been wanting a vape pen for my concentrates but couldnt figure out what to buy. There is such a wide selection of products, it's hard to choose. Alot of vape pens available are not reliable, sturdy, or conveniently priced. They break or crap out and you hear all the negative reviews both here and at FC. After researching more and listening to a few friends' advice, I decided screw buying when I can build and customize my own pen that has the same or even better features than many available on the market today. This isn't really the cheapest of the cheap option if you do my setup since the battery is a bit bigger than what is really needed and I ordered numerous extras with the unit in order to test various products. So if you go with the basics, this will end up saving you money rather than buying an expensive pen that uses the same building materials.

    What you will need is a battery, charging adapter, mouth piece and cartomizer <span style="color:rgb(255,0,0);">OR atomizer</span>, thats it. I added extras on my build like extra atomizers and chargers and other accessories.

    When shopping for the parts my two suggestions for stores are Litecigusa.net and MyVaporStore.com. They both have great customer service, ship quickly and have some of the lowest prices for these items. All text in blue are clickable links to litecigusa's site in case you want to take out some of the guess work but if litecig doesnt have the product in stock just go to MyVaporStore or vice versa.

    Battery: Joye ego-c twist Manual Switch Battery
    Make sure you charge your battery fully before using it. The ego-C twist has variable voltage, meaning you can somewhat control the temp of the device by increasing the voltage with the simple turn of the bottom twist mechanism. The Voltage starts at 3.2 and ends at 4.8. Each notch represents a 0.2 increase in voltage. Look at the carts and attys sections for suggestions on what voltage to set your device on. Remember voltage varies with different attachments. This battery will last longer than most pen vapes too because it runs at 1000mah on a Lithium Ion battery. You'll know it needs charging when it will no longer turn on. Just give it a charge and it'll be good to go for a long period of usage. Also, the Ego Twist C is highly interchangeable with other Ego parts, cart, atomizers, tanks AND other brands attachments like the Gentlemen's and Vaped in the "Extra options" section.

    Charging adapter: Joye ego Mini USB Charger
    Regular generic usb charger. You need to use this and charge your battery ASAP. The charge indicator light will turn green once the battery's fully charged. It works great though and you'll be charged up in no time. If you own a computer or USB plug, this will be all you need, meaning no wall outlet necessary but it is an option

    Mouth Piece: Drip tip mouthpiece

    Drip tip style mouthpieces allow better airflow than regular ones so I suggest this one or one similar. There are many available made from different materials too, just make sure it is a drip tip and fits 510 threading. Mine are the Buddha and skull for now .

    Cartomizer: Kanger 510 Cartomizer

    *The above pictured carts are black but I urge you to GET STAINLESS STEEL. I had to take all the black parts off and its a bitch to get the sticky, leftover, residue shit off the cart. Kanger 510 Carts are solid and also high quality. The 510 stands for the threading, which you will need to be 510 and nothing else. These should last you a few sessions each and best of all come in packs of 5! HUGE NOTE: GET STAINLESS STEEL!!!

    Atomizer: Joytech L/R atomizers

    When buying the atomizers, make sure they are L/R , meaning low resistance.The reason for buying a low resistance atomizer is because they burn hotter than normal ones, meaning your honeycomb waxes will vape more consistent than with a regular atomizer. The only thing is that they wont last as long as a cart or regular atty and are a little more expensive since they come individually packaged. HUGE NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU GET STAINLESS STEEL!!! Remember, just like the carts, these are 510 threading.

    Try to buy the right brand. Above are the atomizer and cartomizer (cart is the bigger one on the bottom) For the atomizers you will want Joytech, for the cartomizers you will want Kanger cartomizers. Why? Again, quality. Boge or any other brand won't last as long, have as good of vapor production, or beter flavor than a Kanger. Also you may be wondering , why did he tell me to get both the cartomizer and atomizer in stainless steel? Well sometimes when we fill them, we get some of our material stuck on the sides which is a pain, you need to melt that down a little with some heat so if you get stainless steel, a lighter wont burn any rubber or plastic finish on your pen. Mine is all stainless steel including the battery.


    Total Cost of this setup: $45-60 (depending on where u go and exactly what u got) Altogether this set should cost around $60. My total cost for everything was quite a bit more because of extra stuff i bought.

    Extra Options

    Some extra goodies i bought (none of these are MUST HAVE , just optional for style or testing purposes)

    "Gentleman's" HashOil V2 Atomizer Gentleman's Brand Vaporizers - I hear many good things about these carts but they are expensive. A two pack runs at $25 ($28 after shipping). Thats alot for a cartomizer but these babies use a nichrome nail with cermic heating element. They are wickless and perhaps some of the easiest to fill . (just drop your wax right down onto the center heating element) Im hoping these carts are worth the price and rave reviews they seem pretty easy to clean. 510 threading makes this a perfect fit for your Ego-C twist battery :D

    "Vaped" Glass Globe Attachment Glass Globe Attachment | ruVaped - Well here we have a very familiar design for us dabbers. Boasting a cermic nail encompassed by a thick glass globe, this thing looks like it could be the mother of all carts for dabbers. It will cost you though, at $50 for the globe with some extra nails, this thing doesnt come cheap. Im hoping that the cermic nail and glass globe bring the emulation of taking a hit from a Ti nail and water pipe setup. Pretty sure no adapters are needed in order to fit the Ego Twist battery. Fingers crossed on this gem. (See "EXPERIMENT")

    Horizontal Coil Cartomizer - Experimental atomizer Horizontal coil cart to test out and see if it works like a VaporCone or the Gentlemen's Hash Oil adapter V2, it works more like a kanger cart though and the kanger does the job just as well and are cheaper.

    Cone Cover Cover for the cone -To make it look more like a g-pen just a style accessory. Come in different colors.

    USB Power connector A/c wall outlet adapter - For connecting to wall outlet or standard US plug. This isn't really necessary if you have something that has power and a usb (computer, ps3 , etc) just an option.

    Carrying Case Carrying case for ego-twist C - A case to protect and store your custom vape pen, and many colors are available to match your style :) I have yet to buy a case because I am using an old sun glasses case.

    Drip Tip "Buddha" Style - I like this one but it seems a little loose like it needs a bigger o-ring. It doesn't fall off at all even when i turn the pen upside down and shake it. It provides great air flow too.

    Drip Tip "Skull" Style - This drip tip looks awesome sitting on top of the pen but it the chin gets in the way so u need to bend the very tip of it. I didn't like having to do this because I broke the side being careless. It still works good though.

    This concludes the extras I purchased. I don't recommend getting the first three items right away yet as the first two will bring your costs way up (the Gentlemen's and RUVaped atomizers are $25 and $50) and the third item (horizontal coil "cone" cart) was for testing. The rest are merely options for style or protection.

    <span>USING YOUR NEW PEN VAPE!</span>

    Is the battery charged or charging? Good. Let's prepare our unit for use :)

    Important when using cartomizers: Removing the polyfill NEED TO DO:
    Cartomizers come prefilled with this cottony stuff meant to soak up e-liquid. We arent using e-liquid so we will be discarding this, in fact we NEED to, it will ruin your wax or bho because it will get trapped in the cotton bs, harden and then not burn, becoming worthless.


    It can be done with a paperclip, tweezers, dabber or something similar. Make sure you keep the middle "straw" in there and only remove the "cottony" material.

    OPTIONAL DO AT OWN RISK! Important when using atomizers: Removing the threads or metal bridge : Do both methods without the battery attached. This is not necessary because the atomizers perform well, I do however very much suggest taking out the threads. When you get accustomed to your vape, then you can learn to take out the bridge. The pic of the atomizer with bridge still attached is at the bottom of post, sorry i messed up.

    YouTube video by Phil Nguyen :[ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap1c4EwKRAY[/ame]

    To remove the threads locate first locate them. They are the white strands that look like very tiny, cottony, white ropes right underneath the bridge. Take a toothpicks or similar and lift the ends. Then just take some tweezers and pull out the ends once they start coming out from under the bridge. That's it. Be careful not to rip out anything else and don't damage the mesh around the inside and on the bridge unless you want to do the next method instead.

    YouTube video by Phil Nguyen: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDQ-xcfYFHM[/ame]

    To remove the metal bridge first take the mesh on top of the bridge and take it off of the bridge and only the bridge. Then simply take some needle nose pliers or tweezers and gently pull the bridge out, wiggle very slightly if necessary. When you do this make sure it is only the bridge you remove and not all the metal on the outer walls, it seems like a sort of wicking material so I just remove the piece in the center initially and then leave the rest.

    Checking and Priming It is important that we check that our atomizers or cartomizers are in proper working order. What I do is just attach them to the battery without anything inside of them and with the caps removed so you can see inside the cart/atty. (remember when using carts to make sure they're empty of prefill). Now that we have our unfilled cart/atty attached to the battery, simply power on the device (press power 5 times), and then hold the power button on and check if the heating element turns a bright orangish color. Both atty's and carts have heating elements in the middle towards the bottom. If you see bright orange then it should work. Now we are almost ready to fill with our own concentrates, we just need to prime them.

    Before filling our carts and attys its necessary to prime the heating element with whatever concentrates we are using. To do this just take a very small piece of the concentrate and put it on the end of a dabber or paperclip. Take some heat (lighter works) to your small piece so it liquifies, then drip it onto the heating element in the bottom center and let it "cook" on there a little bit by pressing the power button for two seconds then release. Essentially, priming makes the coil ready for your oils and helps bring out the true flavor of your concentrates. Many who complain of bad taste do not prime.

    We are now ready to fill and use our device. When filing these make sure they are not attached to the battery in case of leakage and to get them out of the way. I usually fill my carts and attys with a dabber or paperclip, if you need to you can also use a lighter to make your material more pliable and then proceed to filling.

    To fill the atomizer, simply drop some concentrate directly into the atty and melt down the left over material on the sides of the unit with a lighter or hair dryer. You can put as much in as you want just not so much it'll get stuck in your mouthpiece (don't fill to the top).

    To fill the cartomizer, remove all the cotton as stated before, then take some of your product with a dabber or paperclip and drop your product down the cart on the sides. There will be a small white tube sticking up in the middle of a cartomizer, please avoid getting any material in here because it'll clog the airflow and turn to waste in the tube.

    Now we have to melt down the side residue, especially in the carts since you have that straw blocking the middle. This is exactly why we needed stainless steel carts or attys, using a lighter against anything else would leave a burnt plastic on our cartomizer or atomizer.


    This is how Omicrons and Gentlemen's vapes are filled too and you'll get nearly the same experience if done properly. Once its all down there at the bottom do it again and repeat until the cart it filled to the desired level. Make sure to be careful here because of the straw and to not overload the cart. i always just load enough to get through one or two full days of vaping on the go.

    Here is a detailed video of how to go about loading a cart, this is a Gentlemens cart and is a how to video from their site: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF5Wi3ewxg8[/ame]

    Now that we are all filled up, screw your filled atty/cart into the top of your fully charged ego-twist battery. If you ended up getting a cone cover, then slide it over the cart/atty and screw into the top of the battery. Now place your drip tip on top of the atomizer or cart. Push power button 5 times and the button will blink with a white light indicating its on. Now start taking your draw from your mouthpiece while holding down the power button. I usually start my draw while holding the power button for two seconds, release the power button while still drawing , wait for a second then push power again and of course still draw from the mouthpiece. This gives you a pretty good sized hit but you can do what works best for you and go bigger or smaller. Dont forget to adjust voltage as needed by twisting the bottom, if it tastes too hot then turn it down, if it feels too weak turn it up. Enjoy :hippie:

    It's just so fuckin. ..sexy

    I love using both the attys and carts. They both produce huge clouds of vapor. I use about .7-8in the carts and .3-5 in the atomizers on each fill. You can do a little more in both if you want, especially the carts. Been keeping the volatge at 3.2-3.7 with the attys and 3.8-4.2 with the carts. I adjust voltage when they are low on materials. When I'm going on a long hike I like the carts because they last for a long time, they're just a little tricky to fill. The atty's are great for smaller sessions and taking to the disc golf course. They are easy to fill too and i think they produce a better cloud than the carts but i like the carts flavor slightly better. I believe that you will not be disappointed in this setup. Really cheap and you have to replace the cartomizer/atomizers every once in a while but they're cheap and come in packs. While there are some true leaders who put time, research, and effort into their products ("Vaped", Delta9, Gentlemen's, Essential, etc.) there are still many are fakes and most are this exact same setup, (or even worse quality and worse battery capability) re-branded and sold to the masses. But with this unit, you have many options and also you're own money back in pocket by saving on buying those expensive pens. Now go get some more material to vape with the money you saved :)

    <span>Experiment: The "Gentleman's HashOilAtomizer" and The "RUVaped Glass Globe Attachment"</span>

    Using the Gentleman's HashOilAtomizer and short review - UPDATE 4/15/13 Hey blades!!! I just tried out my Gentlemens HashOil atomizer V2 and while it does very much replicate a bridgeless joytech l/r atty, the taste is just superb!!! Seriously it tastes soo damn good !! I get some pretty nice sized clouds and right now can barely type this :smoking: . The only downside is that it really consumes quickly which is natural for most Atty's . I really like this atomizer because even if it's like a bridge-less atty, it comes "debridged" meaning you don't have to take the chance of ruining an atty if you don't know how to properly remove a bridge.

    Huge plus is that there doesn't seem to be a wick system which is awesome because I HATE wicks now. They make everything taste...off . Good for cig juices , bad for anything thicker.

    Here's some pics :

    2 per pack at $25 .
    Inside the Gentlemen's V2 Atty
    took off the plastic mouthpiece and replaced with my own drip tip.

    Overall, I love this atomizer and hope it lasts for a long time. would I buy another one? Yes if there is no joy techs on hand. Can you "dab"? No but you do get some big clouds , with some of the best flavor I've ever tasted in one of these carts .

    This is the atty that other pen developers in this market should start utilizing. It's compact, vapes amazingly and also has outstanding flavor. If you're willing to spend a little more , do so.

    Great job "Gentlemen" lol :)
    I give it an 8.5/10

    + A++++++ flavor!
    + great sized clouds !
    + easy to prime and fill
    +no wick = no ick (taste)
    - very similar to a joytech l/r which is way cheaper but Gentlemens IS of better quality
    - high priced for an atomizer

    Using the RUVaped Glass Globe Attachment and short review Update 4/18/13 !!

    Ok so I got my Vaped Glass Globe attachement below are some pics


    So basically it is an atomizer body (base) with some atomizer heads (nails) surrounded by a glass globe. An atomizer body is a special new thing that can use replaceable atomizer heads instead of buying a whole atomizer.

    But that isn't all this is. I have yet to see a glass globe for any of these units other than Grencos (makers of G pen) but that one isn't nearly as nice or easy to use.

    Now the nails come with wicks inside the coils, you can remove or leave it. I removed mine as I normally do with all my attys and also tested out one with the wick still attached. The one with the wick had much better vapor production, but the one without the wick had better flavor. It's your call on the wick.

    Once you prime your atty just drop a piece inside the nail right on top of or next to the coil, then slip on your glass globe and vape!!

    Nail w/ wick, packed and primed
    Vapor action!!!

    Now for the real question : how is it?
    After using a few times I like it! I can produce ALOT of vapor in this thing when the wick is attached but didn't seem to get as much when there was no wick (had to up the voltage) . The wick does affect the taste too , I don't care what someone may say , they do and when I had no wick I noticed . Doesn't produce a bad flavor though, had to prime up a couple times.

    For an expensive attachment , you would want them to incorporate something that has a better wick system or better tasting wick (if that's possible) Perhaps a different heating element or something like a Health stone that can absorb the wax and then be heated up. I honestly believe whoever invents the first health stone that can be used in a pen vape, will not only dominate the market but also have the respect of many into this kind of thing because we have been asking for it for quite some time.

    Now with that being said I don't hate this unit. It works better than a regular atty and is waay easier to prime , fill, de-wick and store. It has great flavor and vapor production and it is a concept that is nearly "there". I love that it uses glass parts because the flavor is "cleaner", even with the wick on, so kudos to Vaped!! I can also see all my vapor so I dot leave any behind like I sometimes do with the metal attys. Also, Now to some the glass might be a drawback (I'm clumsy as fuck so we'll see how long this lasts) This device isnt bad and it works great, the only drawback is the price. Even a 5pack of replacement heads will run you $45. I like it though and it works better than a Glass Gtank. If you get one, DO NOT turn the voltage past 4.2 because these will burn out fast. I usually keep mine between 3.2-3.6 works great!

    Overall I give this one a solid 7/10
    + Innovative Concept
    + good vapor production
    +great flavor
    + no missed vapor
    +extremely easy to fill and prime
    -glass parts (could be positive too though)
    -doesn't hold that much material
    -small parts are easy to lose

    Questions Or Concerns and Quick Fixes

    Why does the vapor taste weird/metallic? Why does this seem like it burns my throat? Little to no vapor? :

    These are the first things I see people ask when using these pens. There are numerous possible answers for this question. To answer it you must ask yourself a few questions first.
    - Did you make sure all your concentrates are at the bottom of the atty or cart? (my most common mistake, make sure to melt it all down to the bottom so it can hit that heating element)
    -Did you prime your cart/atty first? (Refer to priming section.)
    - Try removing the wick if using an atty
    - Did you adjust your voltage? Be careful not to go too high, lower is better then SLOWLY climb if needed
    - Low on materials? Check and pack as needed.
    -If using a cart, did you remove the cottony pre-fill? (cartomizer note)
    - If you removed the wick of the atomizer, did you make sure you got every single little white thread out ?
    -If you removed the metal bridge on the atty, did you do so properly?(metal bridge section)
    -Did you buy the right product and BRAND? (refer to buying parts section)
    -How is the consistency and quality of the material you are using?
    - Charge Your pen fully when fresh out of box?

    If the pen isnt turning on, make sure its charged, and you press the button 5 times quickly to power it on then hold power while drawing from the mouthpiece. If your battery is DOA contact the seller (litecigusa and myvaporstore were reallly good on service) and they will take care of you.
    It is also possible that you're cart/at is broken OR dead or the heating element is loose. In this case its time for a new cart/at but dont be sad, its only five to six dollars and they arent meant to last forever (there isnt a single one on the market that is whether it be vape pen or ecig) so just get a new one.

    I'm very much open to any suggestions or advice with these units as im still somewhat new to vape pens myself (tried this , omicron, atmos raw and gpen) and the tech just gets better everyday due to ecigs and portables becoming more popular.

    What is your primary setup Waxpayne?

    My "go to" setup is this :

    - Stainless Steel Ego Battery
    - Stainless Steel Cone cover
    - Stainless Buddha Drip tip or skull
    - Gentlemens HasHOilV2 Atomizer


    This is my best setup for flavor, vapor and style and it looks fuckin sweet and works even ..sweeter?


    This concludes the tutorial. I'll try to help people along the way in this thread too! I hope you guys like the pen and it lasts you many years to come. Who knows maybe you'll even be upgrading or interchanging even better parts to make something that works for YOU :wave:

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  2. Good info, looking forward to your pics.
  3. Hey i just had a quick question i am looking to get into these oil and concentrate things, i am currently using a pax and one of the products i was looking at was gentlemans brand. You mentioned their smaller pen but i am more interested in their larger ambassador kit? i am not sure if you are familiar with this but if you could give me any feedback on these products itd be really helpful , i plan to purchase one pretty soon! I would also like some info on what the best add on are to buy i know you listed a bunch but if you had to choose one of them which would be your top choice as riight now i dont want to get everything
  4. #5 WaxPayne, Apr 13, 2013
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    Thanks for responding everyone I just added pics and will be updating this thread constantly :smoke: I appreciate everyones interest in this guide.

    Dave- the gentlemans is one of the top recommended vapes out , especially the ambassador kit . I haven't used one but they work similar to this setup. I hear their carts are nice too. There is a YouTube vid out on how to fill them and it is just like filling the Kangers in this tutorial. Sorry I can't I've better info .
  5. Looks like you've filled in most of the pictures, if I get into concentrates I'll definitely have to take a look at this frankenstein vape. :smoking:
  6. Yoshi!!! Long time no see. Yea I finally got around to taking the pics . I hope those expensive atomizers I ordered come soon enough to post some pics inn the OP. anyways yea try it out, it's awesome and you can take his thing anywhere !
  7. I just got my GentlemansVapes.com dry herb cartridges. They work just as they (now) describe. Turning your e-cig battery into an electric pipe.
    Here it is on my KGO battery.


    It fits perfectly size wise. Same diameter.

    The only drawback I've found so far is you have to stir the MJ after a few hits. That will make it less discreet. Gives me great hits though.
  8. Very Nice!!! Thanks Jojo I was always wondering about the gentlemens cart. I usually use my DaVinci for herbs but might give that a go!! It's amazing how many different carts will fit an Ego battery :D

  9. I've heard that the dry herb carts burn through your product though? Any experience with that?
  10. Burn through it as in quickly?
    I've only had it a day, and only smoked 2 loads in it but it didn't seem to go overly fast.
    It will give you big strong hits but you do have to stir the MJ to get it next to the element. This is only really a big deal once half the cartridge is gone. The first half smokes with just the occasional shake.
  11. jojo- Im wondering if that Bud Cart you have is like my Horizontal coil Cart in the "Extras" section of my guide. Do you happen to know if your cart is vertical or horizontal coil?
  12. Just tested the Gentlemens Hash Oil atomizer, short review up now with pics !
  13. I am not 100% sure what you are asking, but the coil that lights up to burn the weed is vertical. It has an element like a lightbulb.
  14. Vertical coil . Ok back to the drawing board on dry herbs lol. After success with the Gentlemens Atomizer , I hope the Vaped is even better.
  15. Update!!

    Hello Blades!

    I got the RUVaped glass globe Attachment today and after a couple hours of experimenting, I wrote the review and posted it up on my OP. with this review brings the completion of my guide. I hope anyone who read it liked it and actually tried it. Thank you all for your support and I'll be here if you have questions .
  16. Cool thread. Definitely gonna do this if I decide to get a hash pen
  17. I love this idea. Really been interested in this idea myself never knew it was so easy to do. Never really found a pen I liked either so I feel this is a great option!
  18. Thank you very much you guys :) I hope you try this out eventually, its fuckin awesome !
  19. Dang this looks awesome. I wish I had better access to oils, I might just have to learn to run some BHO myself.

    Any luck with the Gentleman's herb cartridge? I kind of like the one hit at a time nature of the MFLB compared to a full sesh at one time with the Solo, so a herb pen sounds right up my alley.

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