Makin money outta nothing...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Im good at it.

    Thas what i did today.

    I fell off again, I sat on my ass monday and tuesday, Jus fuckin around the house. Hittin the weights n shootin ball n fuckin around on the net n shit.

    Didnt do anything for any money, And didnt have any product.

    Was sittin on my ass feelin sorry for myself, Thinkin how shitty life is, How sometimes it sucks so much living where i live because not shit for oppurtunites.

    So i said fuck it, Got off my ass and said ima make money one way or another.

    So first thing i did was jus went outside, Threw on the MP3 player and edged the lawn and edged my neighbors lawn. Went and seen him and seen how he was doin. Hes a old war vet, Hes like late 80's or something.

    Left that and said shit i bet i can gather up bottles to make some money.

    Fuckin A, There was nothing but 40's down there, And they weigh quite a bit.

    So i fuckin bagged them up, First trip i brought back 25 40's. Thats alot of weight, And im walkin carryin two garbage bags full of 40's. Was a bitch ut shit its money ya herd.

    Went home and did the same thing, Brought 25 more 40's, That was the end of the bottles so i made $5 doin that. Took about a hour of walkin back n forth.

    From then took out my neighbors garbage cans, The 80 somethign year old, Hugh. He came outside n said he had a buncha shit in the basement for me to take out, He said he'd give me a few bucks. I told him not to worry about the money and did it anyways. That took about a hour of carryin shit out, Tons of fuckin shit. He always feels obliged to give me money for doing work for him, So he ended up giving me $5 which i aient wanna take but i did anyways ya know. Cuz he wont give up if i say no.

    He then gave me $2 in bottles. So i went and took them bottles to the store.

    Now im up ot $12.

    I took some of the shit he was throwin away.

    CD's, A toaster, A humidifier, A vaccum, And a flurrocent lamp. Ima sell all that shit. And i took some ol cookbooks to give to my ma's. I found a hammer and some ashtrys too so i took that for me to keep. Foudn about a dollar in pennys so took that to the store and got $13 now.

    Now i gotta hustles these cd's, a toaster, a humidifier and a vaccum to make some ends.

    Suprising how i can make money outta nothing hahah.

    By the time i sell all that shit ill have about $30ish for the weekened to get a couple 30 packs of natty ice n get trashed.

    All i bought was a 99cent faygo 2 liter. Which ill take back for 10 cents when its gone.

    Now i feel good, Feel like i accomplished something today. Sweated my ass off doing all this shit and made money and got more of a tan. Got some gifts for my ma's (cookbooks) and got shit to hustle to make some more money.

    Jus another day in the life...
  2. right on man its always a goood feelin knowign you got shit accomplished...good man ksr helpin out your neighbors an shit. id rep you but i aready did last week
  3. hell yeah do sommin with ya life right there man..thats how we do it
  4. hell yeah man, i just got a loan for school so i can come back and get my education finished, but yeah way to hustle man,
  5. sounds good but i thought you was black? you said something about a tan lol (i am not at all racist or anything)
  6. na he white homie...keep it real
  7. then ya drink the 30's and the process repeats itself...another day in the life..
  8. ah rite cool
  9. pathetic, cuz u wasted all your hard earned money on that shit
  10. Wasted? Nah... :smoking:
  11. Not a watse at all!

    Beer is great :D
  12. i dont think he would consider spending it on beer a waste
  13. man, you should give motivational speaches to middle school mite make more money.
  14. Glad you had a good day man. And by this weekend you'll be able to unwind and get fucked up.:smoke:
  15. Holy shit I thought the whole time this kid was black... Wigger.
  16. thats un called for man, thats that shit that gwts people pissed man, he's not a wigger at all man, it is just his lifestyle

    i could cal you a stoner surfer white trash piece of shit but it wouldnt make it true

    just be lucky you know someone as unique as KSR
  17. so in 72 hours your only income has been $30? You can make more having a sunday morning paper route..... I guess thats cool though you can get by like that.

    And how come sooo many people always says they want dank bud but drink some of the worst beer ever?

  18. lol oh please
  19. you ignorant fuck. race doesn't matter. keep your mouth shut.
  20. The way this guy talks and the things he's going through made me think he was black. Don't get me wrong I'm no racist, I surf daily with a black dude. We just enjoy laughing at these sad white kids who are on "the hustle" and pretend to be a hardcore gangster type. There are just so many of these funny little guys that act hard all day, then go home to their comfy home in the suburbs.

    If wiggers want to be respected by any mature adult then they need to stop acting so funny. Leave black culture to black people.


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