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Makin a wooden pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by htuosisright, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I spent my day trying to make a pipe outta a branch i got in the woods but failed miserably
    has anybody done this and suceeded?
  2. ya. i have. once you shape the pipe to however you want it to look (using sandpaper, dremel tool, or just leave it as-is) use a drillbit or a paddlebit to drill a bowl, then use another drillbit to drill the airway from the bowl to the mouthpiece. voila
  3. yes i have... ive made many.... but my parents have destroyed them... all i have left are the drawings i made of them..... i made them, if you are not trying to make a piece of art i can help you make something pretty simple....
  4. drill the hole and bowl first, or you will be sorry
  5. yeah man i used branch and a pocket knife and widdled myself a perfect pipe then carved a nice leaf on the top of it too, unfortunatley it was ditched:( fucking police:mad:
  6. my favorite wooden pipe that i made was bamboo, and it was so great. it looked like a gandalf pipe too because i bent the stem of it to a sweet arch.

    anyway, what you want to do is find a bamboo plant that is about as
    thick as a quarter (the coin, not weed) this will make your bowl.
    now go find a very skinny piece of bamboo or switchcane. this will be the stem.

    cut the bamboo so that you have a base and a nicely sized bowl part, drill a hole into the side, and mount the stem piece onto it. make sure the stem fits onto it so that it is all airtight and solid. if you want, throw a screen in there (you can make your own by cutting it out of a stainless steel strainer from the dollar store)

    there you go, a sweet bamboo piece that you can make to be any size you want, its super light weight, and doesn't have you smoking aluminum or plastic!
  7. i had trouble drilling straight through. does that just come from the fact that i cant use a drill for shit or is there some secret. and its was about 6 inches long
  8. hmm, well what you want to do is make sure the piece of wood is level... draw a line in pencil on how far you want it to go in then, put a piece of tape on the bit of the depth you want the hole to be. drill it from one side, then from another.... if you can use a table vice...
  9. and if its bamboo do i need to be worried about it splitting when im drilling or sawing

  10. yea, you do just a little bit.

    I cut mine using this bench grinder, and just rotating the bamboo on that so it just ground through it and popped off, than sanded the top flush.

    you can use just a regular hand saw though and you should be fine. as far as drilling goes, i didn't have to many splitting problems, especially since the drill bit wasn't that large.
  11. if you have rarely used a drill gun, yes there is a technique to it, however since it is wood, there is a chance there is a knot in the middle of it which is really hard to drill through
  12. pictures anyone?
  13. My buddy used to smoke with a wooden pipe..until we found out we where taking hits of mahogany not herb....

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