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    What are some good impromptu screens you guys have had in the past?
    I just get some cheap headphones and break one of the earpieces to get the metal disc it has little holes and makes a great makeshift screen, use it for my pipes all the time.
    I know screens are cheap, but most people dont tend to focus on buying them.

  2. I stole the screen out of my bathroom sink, but I had to break it to get to it, so here we are months later with a broken sink no ones ever asked about...
    I've used pebbles, (weed) stems, plug nugs, a little bit of tobacco from a CIG or blunt, packed tight, weed on top, then when I hit the bacco I stop. Aluminum foil balls (never more than once a month. I have to be really desperate to use foil)
  3. I have a roll of steel screen for building/patching window screens on my house. I often just cut out a chunk to use for a screen in a bowl. Since it's not stainless steel, it's safe to use, if I'm correct a lot of pipe screens sold in stores are steel as well (or brass).
  4. screens are cheap, yo. go the your LHS and stock up.
    dude down my road sells them like 100 for $5 and they're
    good ones.
  5. I never keep screens around, none of my pieces need them. Usually I do this when I'm stoned and a buddy pulls out a piece that needs one and we're too fucked up to drive
  6. I've used a chunk of bud and that's about it. You can buy 100 screens on Amazon for 3.50 or something like that. I've had mine since last Christmas and I still have probably a quarter of them left.
  7. You can use a paperclip and a pair of pliers to make a screen, bend the end of the piece of paper clip and you can roll it into a coil then boom insta screen.
  8. Thats actually a really good idea. Staples could also work I guess and would be easier to bend
  9. Burn the paper off a twisty tie and ball it up.

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  10. You can use a pebble if you find the right sized one, then just clean it and stick it in your bowl. This is obviously why pebbles exist.

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